Booty duty

There's a sexual moon overhead as I arrive at my Exgf's place – what used to be my home too – and we immediately go upstairs to her bedroom. This is a booty call; why waste time? The bedding is disturbed, her laptop is playing a porn movie, her vibrators are lying on the fitted sheet. The … Continue reading

Cat Lady capers

It's a drizzly Sunday morning as I meet Cat Lady at my station and walk her back to my apartment. I have no plan and no idea how today will turn out. If it wasn't rainy we could go for a lengthy walk in the countryside but it looks like today is going to be an indoor day. Oh dear, how shall we … Continue reading

Cougar confessions

It's a rainy Saturday morning in October as I drive for an hour to where The Irish Cougar is living with friends. My head and heart are filled with conflicting ideas of revenge and decency. I'm fundamentally angry with her deceit about her age, have now made my own plan of deceit but deep down I'm … Continue reading

Seduction scene set

I'm going to seduce The Irish Cougar, then I'm going to dump her. When the day arrives that she fully realizes this, she'll go cold inside then start wondering why I did this to her. With more thought she'll realize it is because she tricked me from the outset and now I've done the same to her. … Continue reading

More riverside revelations

It's a warm Sunday morning and I'm standing at the exact same spot I was yesterday at the Embankment next to the Thames in central London. This time I'm waiting for Cat Lady; it's our second date but first proper one and today I'm going to do exactly the same things as yesterday. I believe that … Continue reading