Monday – The Perfect Dick – Final part

“No, nobody could see. I put my hand in her panties and felt her pubic hair. I had never done this before. By now I also had a massive hard-on. This girl just kept looking straight in front of her, as did I. My fingers pushed down and I slid my middle finger up her. She jolted slightly. I had no idea what I was doing. Just then the bell went for break-time. Everybody stood up to leave and I had to hide my erection with my school blazer.”

“You were literally saved by the bell. But what happened?”

“She followed me home after school. I lived near the school and my mother was at work. I let her in and we stood in the lounge talking. I hadn’t spoken to her much in our school days. It was always a friend-of-a-friend kind of thing. In a moment of daring-do, I kissed her. Now this will surprise you, but I had never kissed a girl before.”

“What?! No, I don’t believe you,” Baltic Babe said in all seriousness.

“It’s true, I hadn’t. This girl then put her tongue in my mouth. I didn’t know what that was and I got a fright, lost my balance and knocked her over on to a chair. I don’t know why I did this, but I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom where I gently lowered her on to my bed. I was curious to see how far she would let me go with her. I took her school dress off and she lay there in her underwear smiling at me, daring me, while I stood there in my school uniform. Without taking any of my clothes off, I stood at the foot of the bed and pulled her panties off. I expected her to shriek and run away. She didn’t, she opened her legs. I had never seen a pussy in real life before, so I took a good look. Most of my sex education had come from Cosmopolitan magazine. In the heat of the moment, without much thinking involved, I lay down on my stomach and started licking her pussy. I had never ever felt a desire to do that, but in that moment it seemed like the right thing to do.”

“This was your first time in so many ways and you did that? I don’t believe you,” Baltic Babe interrupted. I ignored her interruption and bloody trust issues and continued with the true account of my first time.

“This girl wriggled and writhed and enjoyed me eating her out. I didn’t really know where her clitoris was. As you can imagine I had a huge hard-on. I reached up with a free hand and slipped my hand under her back, trying to unclasp her bra. The girl laughed at me and unclipped her bra which had its clasp at the front. I didn’t even know such bras existed. So there I was, seventeen years old, a naked girl on my bed, me in my school uniform, eating her out while one hand played with her breasts.”

Baltic Babe didn’t know what to say to this, her eyes still wide as she rested her head on the sun-lounger.

“I knew that it was time for me to get undressed, so I did. As I stood there naked, about to climb on top of her as all the magazines suggested, the girl wriggled towards me and sat on the end of the bed. She grabbed my cock with one hand, looked me in the eye and then leaned forward and started sucking on it. I had never felt this before and my knees nearly gave way.”

Baltic Babe giggled. What was her deal with blowjobs, I wondered, seeing as she refused to go down on me.

“She seemed to enjoy sucking and licking and I didn’t mind. After a minute she crawled backwards on to the bed and spread her legs, deftly resting her arms above her head on my pillow. I had no intention to take things this far. If I didn’t follow through I’d be the laughing stock of the school, was my fear. So I climbed on top of her and tried to find her hole, but couldn’t because I didn’t know , so she used a hand to guide me in. I had never felt anything like it in my life. To this day I don’t know how I didn’t cum within seconds.”

Baltic Babe burst out laughing. Did an ex-boyfriend of hers have a premature ejaculation problem, I wondered.

“But wait, there’s more. So I fucked her for what must have been many minutes. I kept looking at her face. Her eyes were big and she didn’t say a word. All through this neither of us had said a word. Strange, huh? I didn’t know what was going on, but she started breathing heavily and wrapped her arms and legs around me and her body shook as she scratched my back with her nails. Jesus that hurt. Afterwards I saw that she had drawn blood.”

“You gave a girl an orgasm on your first time?” Baltic Babe asked.

“Well, I know that now, but at the time I wasn’t too sure what had happened. The whole time that I was in her I had my mother’s words in my head, “I don’t want another girl’s mother coming to me to tell me you had got her daughter pregnant,”. I wasn’t using a condom, I had never even seen one then and I didn’t want to get her pregnant, so I withdrew. She asked what was wrong and I told her that I didn’t want to get her pregnant. She said, “okay, I understand” and pushed me on to my back and very eagerly sucked me off, happily swallowing my cum. I was in a state of shock for days afterwards.”

“Did you see her again?”

“Yes, we started a relationship that lasted for six months. Our final exams happened over that time; how we passed I don’t know. In the mornings she would wait outside my place before school until my mother went to work, then we’d have a morning session. Then in the middle of the day when it was break-time at school we’d go back to my place and have another session. Then after school, if neither of us had sport, then we’d have another session. The relationship was based entirely on sex, but at the time I thought it was love. I still think of her as my first love.”

“That’s quite a sweet story,” Baltic Babe said softly.

That night, our last in Sunny Beach, we found ourselves sitting in a cocktail bar watching the waitresses dancing on the counter. In a fit of twisted romanticism, I turned to Baltic Babe and said, “I don’t know all the bad things that have happened in your life, but I am glad that they have happened because they have helped make who you are and I really like who you are.”

Baltic Babe did not like that comment…

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