Krazy Girl gets…crazy?!

Krazy Girl arrived complaining of a stiff back and legs from the long drive. We went for a walk so that she could loosen up. I was all in favour of this, thinking she’d be needing it for later. After a stroll of 30 minutes around my town, making polite small-talk, we ended up back at mine. Before I knew it we were kissing. Within seconds she pushed me on to the sofa, kneeled before me and started rubbing my crotch. I was stunned; I’d never been in such a situation before. I had always taken the lead when getting intimate with a woman. How far was she willing to go? Surely not all the way? I never said a word as she looked deep into my eyes, her face stern with intent and eyes smiling mischievously.

My manhood reacted as it would at the hands of such attention. She never looked down as she unzipped and unbuckled my jeans, her gaze fixed on me. I kept a straight face, trying to match her intensity, a look of daring in my eyes I hoped. We said nothing. She pulled my swollen cock out of my clothing, briefly looking down at it as she worked it up and down with both her hands. I slouched in my sofa as this vixen before me maintained eye contact, licked her lips, blinked a few times…pulled my foreskin back…and then eagerly swooped down on my cock with her mouth.

She sucked on it eagerly and ferociously…a mixture of up down head movement at various speeds, then twisting and turning her head…never once letting my cock out of her mouth.

It was swelling and growing all the time. She knew exactly what she was doing and she did it well.

I never said a word as she expertly varied her technique….

Licking up and down my shaft…stopping to kiss my aching balls that were still partially squashed in my underwear…then slowly licking them…all the while maintaining eye contact.

She stopped and pulled my jeans and undies off with incredible ease…she’d done this many times before.

She kept her clothes on, but it didn’t matter. I was thinking that this was just foreplay and she’d stop at any second. I spread my legs, in my mind daring her to continue…to her there was no dare involved.

She made sure to lick all over my balls, occasionally kissing them…before stopping for a few seconds to look me in the eye…

…and slowly suck one of my balls in to her wet, warm mouth…

There was a little discomfort in my testicle that she swallowed…she knew this…gave me a sly smile with her eyes…and slowly released it…

Krazy Girl moved over to my other one, sucked that one in more quickly…I gasped from the sudden mixture of pleasure and pain…

I could feel her roll her tongue around my ball while she held it in her mouth…

She released it by almost spitting it out…and then vigorously deep-throated my shaft and head to the back of her mouth…and rocked her head back and forth many times as quickly as she could…which made for a mesmerising sight.

She was an expert cock-sucker…and she loved it! She made approving sounds as she did her thing…or my thing.

She jerked her head back; my rock-hard cock flopped out of her mouth, dangling like a crane in the wind, not knowing what to do with itself…

But she did…she knew exactly what she wanted to do…she had been fantasizing about this on her maniacal high-speed drive over to me…

She stood up and in one quick movement fiddled wit her skirt and straddled me…it was so quick that I didn’t have time to react.

This wasn’t part of my plan! I’m very much an alpha male, being in charge at all times. This was a very new and unusual situation for me, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying it.

She put her hands on my shoulders and started rubbing and grinding her crotch against my fully erect cock…she kept eye contact at all times…we never spoke.

I had my hands on her hips and I could smell the sweet scent of her perfume through her floral blouse and frumpy beige cardigan.

She bit the corner of her mouth, reached down behind herself, fussed with her black skirt and pulled her g-string sideways.

Was she going to do what I…

Yes, she did…

She had pulled her stringy knickers aside and slid herself on to my cock.

I was aghast as I had planned to use a condom, but this little tigress was too quick for me.

Oh…MY…GAWD…She felt exquisitely perfect as she covered the tip of my throbbing cock with her pussy.

Krazy Girl’s pussy was very wet, wonderfully tight and ever so-pleasingly warm. We both held our breath.

She kept looking in to my eyes, unblinking, still biting her lip in a naughty-girl-caught-masturbating kind of way…

She finally made a sound, by gasping and then starting a slow moan, almost against her wishes it seemed, as she forced herself down onto my rock-hard cock.

Her eyes were lighting up as she went further down, obviously enjoying the length of me. She was a little on the small and tight side, but she felt wonderful.

She forced herself down as far as she could go; I was obviously filling her up, given the sounds that she was involuntarily making…

She rolled her head back, her hands gripping my shoulders and started gyrating on me, something that surprised me, but nevertheless pleased me.

Then she put her hands behind my neck and began riding me like her life depended on it.

Suddenly she stopped, half stood up, trying to keep my cock in her waterfall-like pussy, and pulled me up by the neck.

I’m 6 foot 2 inches tall and 220 pounds, but this little woman had no problem manhandling me, such was the adrenaline flowing through her body. In the process we un-copulated.

She pulled me on to the rug next to the sofa and said “Take me on the floor…”

I quickly pulled my top off and frenetically undressed her as she lay before me…clothes flying everywhere…

I spotted a small tattoo above her hip bone. It was of a panther the size of my thumb. I don’t like tattoos, but I wasn’t going to quibble…

Her head was laid back on my floor, golden blonde hair spread out like a peacock’s tail feathers, her eyes ablaze with passion and anticipation…

The moment that I had been waiting for had unexpectedly arrived…I was going to get to see, feel and play with her breasts that I had secretly been stealing glances at in out first few dates.

I pushed her top up and they popped out…and I knew then and there that there is a God after all, because her breasts were absolutely perfect!

They were all-natural, wonderfully round, smooth, fleshy, inviting and large. Her nipples were erect and a rosy pink colour…

I somehow resisted the urge that all men in the same situation would have done – I didn’t suck her breasts.

Instead I parted her legs and slowly slid my already wet cock in to her awaiting pussy…and it felt even better than before.

Missionary position has its detractors, but I’m not one of them. I love the look on a woman’s face when she feels how big I am for the first time…as her mouth falls open and she gasps for breath, a mixed look of pleasure and fear in her eyes.

I know I should have stood up and found a condom…but a steam train was not going to stop what thousands of years of evolution had designed me to do…to fuck!

I felt her wrap her legs around my back. Oh, how I love that feeling. That act of complete desire, lust, acceptance, yearning and submission all rolled in to one.

I started to slowly but forcefully slide my cock in and out of her…I noticed that her breathing was now in time with my every thrust.

Her pussy felt like it was made for me.

Then her body started quivering. I thought she was approaching an orgasm. I looked down.

She was crying.

Sweet little tears were sliding out of her eyes, going in every direction that gravity wanted.

I stopped, mortified that I was hurting her; worried that somehow I had accidentally slipped in to the wrong hole.

“What’s the matter?” I obviously had to ask, breaking the intense silence.

She looked at me, reluctant to answer. Indecision had replaced lust in her eyes.

For a fleeting moment I realised all the danger that I was in. Here I was, balls deep in to a girl I had only met a week earlier. No protection involved.

Shit, what was she about to tell me? Had I now just joined the AIDS club? God, no!

“I was afraid that you’d be small” is what she blurted out.

“What the hell are you talking about” I instantly retorted.

“Everything with you has been perfect so far. Everything. I can’t find anything wrong with you. I had convinced myself that you must have a small dick.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

She continued “Now I feel like such a fool for having told myself that. You’re the biggest I’ve ever had.” She sobbed, foolishly.

“Well, surprise!” I said with a smile to which she smiled too. I didn’t want to stop to think about the insanity of what she had just said; I wanted to finish what we had started, just as Mother Nature had intended.

I slid my cock back into her pussy and we fucked for what felt like a blissful eternity on my lounge floor. We were both getting carpet burns, but we didn’t care, such was the intensity and enjoyment of our first time.

I didn’t want to cum in her, so I somehow controlled my natural instinct and pulled out when I sensed that I was about to cum.

“Push your tits together,” I instructed. She instantly complied as I straddled her ribs.

I gave my cock a few tugs and my baby batter started spurting out, spraying drop by drop across her perfect breasts. She looked down at my cum all the while as it collected on her bosom. Her facial expression was one of strange curiosity.

My last drop plopped into the little puddle that was forming in her cleavage. She let go of her breasts and with an index finger collected a dollop of cum which she looked at intently, then put that finger in her mouth and sucked it clean, closing her eyes as she did so…



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  1. You didn’t want her to cum?!? ….I certainly hope you finished her off with your tongue-otherwise that is just rude.

    The part where she started crying though? ….that’s pretty strange. :/

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