Krazy Girl cum back

Tech Titan and I fucked until midnight, ending in me cumming in her pussy, sans condom. I only made her cum twice in this session before the strains of the working week dictated that we sleep. As I drifted off my thoughts were of Krazy Girl arriving within hours.

It felt like a brief nap before I awoke to find Tech Titan staring and smiling at me.

“You’re so cute when you sleep,” she said.

Ignoring the creepy factor, my brain latched onto the very real prospect of her wanting early morning whoopee. I didn’t want to, I wanted to save my energy for Krazy Girl because I knew I’d be needing it. I said nothing to Tech Titan and just smiled, mawkishly.

“Sorry baby, but I need to jump in the shower and hit the road. I’ve got to get to the other side of London before lunchtime for a big family and friends get-together,” she said, to my great relief. She mistook my smile for the lustful kind, the facial version of prodding a woman in the back with my cock first thing in the morning hoping that it gets her frisky.

I got to work in the kitchen making breakfast ensuring that it was all ready by the time Tech Titan was out of the shower, thereby squashing any chances of her wanting spontaneous sex. The smell of food, especially bacon, would make a big girl like her forget all about sex – that was my reasoning.

It worked and an hour later I said goodbye to her, then I spun around on my heels and rushed back into my apartment to start removing all traces of Tech Titan’s presence. I started in the bathroom, wiping down the walls to remove any long golden-blonde hair; emptying the waste bin of stuff she had thrown away; hiding at the bottom of the laundry basket the towel she had used.

Meticulously I worked my way through the apartment, looking for and removing any signs of there having been a woman in my home. I even washed all the dishes and dried them by hand, putting them away in the cupboards. I was thorough. Why? I did so just in case Krazy Girl was considering a reconciliation.

Would I “take her back” if she asked?

In a heartbeat.

I was impressed with my level of chicanery; I didn’t know that I was capable of being like this. I guess being with my Exgf had taught me more than I had realised. My conscience had barely started to plague me and the air freshener had just settled when Krazy Girl rang my door bell. I opened the door, not really sure how to play the first few minutes of this encounter.

“Oh, hello,” she said before confidently taking a stride forward, barely giving me chance to say a word or open the door properly. I gave her a peck on a cheek and watched her glide imperiously past me carrying a few bags of what looked like groceries. Did she bring her toys?

“I thought we could make a stir-fry tonight, so I went and bought everything we need,” she said as she handed the bags to me, then took her jacket off and opened the hallway cupboard for Winter gear where she hung it up.

It was as if nothing had ever gone wrong between us. It was as if we were naturally resuming from where and when things were at their best between us. I was stunned, confused and pleased, all at the same time. Krazy Girl was fucking crazy…and a crazy fuck.

I decided to play along, open to see where this would lead as it seemed as if Krazy Girl might be working to a plan. For several hours we played happy couple, quaffing good South African wine that I had chilled earlier during my sanitizing rampage, watching episodes of Californication while sitting side by side, but without touching.

The latter point didn’t bother me, because I sensed that it was building the sexual tension between us. I caught her making sideways glances at me and we both just smiled. I caught her glances because I was checking her out too. Oh lordy, Krazy Girl was a perfect female specimen in my world. Even from under her thick sweater I could hear her perfect e-cup breasts calling my name.

We made dinner and once again I was struck by how well we worked together in the kitchen. I told her that I needed the loo and went to the bedroom to down my solitary Viagra before going to flush the toilet. Returning to the lounge I dimmed the lights and we took our time eating dinner, smiling coyly at each other, making polite small talk. The tension was building

Sitting comfortably again on my sofa – this time I made our thigh touch – we watched ‘9 ½ Weeks’, a movie she had heard of but never seen. (Indicative of our 10-year age-gap.) I deliberately chose this knowing that it would put her “in the mood”. I spent most of the movie wondering what she was feeling about me, planning on what to do next when we got physical…and wondering if the Viagra was going kick in. My cock was a little sore from pounding Tech Titan less than 24 hours earlier.

“I need to go freshen up,” she said with a telling smile as the movie ended. I knew what that meant.

Krazy Girl returned, immediately straddled me and began kissing me. This felt just like our first time and I knew where it was leading. Any unease I felt was not driven by the thought of predictable sex, or having to wash and dry my sofa covers again; no, I was afraid that she might smell Tech Titan somewhere on the sofa.

I wrapped my arms around her body and stood up, then in a quick movement scooped her up into my arms with her throwing her wrists around my neck and smiling at me. I think some women like feeling like a little girl in their man’s arms. I carried her off to my bedroom where freshly changed bedding awaited her nostrils.

Some passionate kissing on my bed was the catalyst for the Viagra kicking in. A rock hard erection that just wasn’t going to disappear led to Krazy Girl bouncing off it with her mouth and pussy in creative, energetic ways that pleased and entertained me. She wasn’t smart enough to have memorised the Kama Sutra, but she was enough of a natural fucker to try out most of the positions as a matter of course.

The thing about using a little purple pill is that I don’t feel like I’ll be anywhere near cumming for hours. When it started getting late and she started getting sore, I went on the offensive. I manhandled her into doggy-style position and rammed my cock into her. She was totally turned on by this stage and liked it rough. Krazy Girl got wetter again as I did what I wanted with her; she liked being dominated.

I wanted to fuck her in the arse, to punish her for how she had made me feel a month ago, to show her who was the boss. As I pulled my cock out of her pussy, carefully positioning it in the centre of her butthole, just before pushing it in, she said, “Please no, your cock is too big.”

As much as she had hurt my feelings, it didn’t give me the right to hurt her body. I took a deep breath and slid my cock that half an inch lower and it slipped so easily back into her pussy.

I resumed pulling her hair back, fucking her cunt as hard and as fast as I could and then sucked my thumb before pushing it into her arse, as deep as it could go. She was ‘on the hook’.

“Oh God, yes, fuck me. Fuck me!” she seethed through clenched teeth.

Deep down inside me I knew that I was unlikely to be seeing her again, so I made this last for as long as I could. Sadly there was eventually only so much my body could take of this repetitive motion, as much as she and I wanted it to last forever, I just had to cum.

This time I had the self-control to pull out just before my juices exploded into her pussy. I didn’t want to get her pregnant. I stood behind her and gave my dick a few tugs with my non-anal hand before that hot, smelly, sticky, white stuff shot out of my bell-end and sprayed all over her back. She remained motionless as my cum fanned over a large part of her back. I took this sight in, knowing I might never see it again.

This physically perfect creature was on her knees with her hands flat on my bed. Her magnificent breasts hung and moved ever so slightly as she breathed, still somewhat heavily from the fucking she had just enjoyed. Her natural golden blonde hair now fell forward, revealing the nape of her neck, that area I love to kiss, lick and then gently bite. I ran the fingernails of my clean hand down one side of her spine, which made her shiver and arch her back; I noticed her mouth open. My hand got to her buttocks and I pulled a cheek sideways. I looked down at her holes; both were still open and gaping, ready for more penetration.

I was all fucked out and I let go of her. She slumped onto her side, as she did so I watched her breasts move; how I loved them. I was going to miss them. I watched as my baby batter started submitting to gravity and slide down her back. If I hadn’t fucked Tech Titan less than 24 hours earlier my cum would have been thicker. I would have preferred to watch my cum dripping out of this pussy or arse; that would have been naughtier and far more satisfying.

Krazy Girl was still breathing through her mouth, her eyes closed. She seemed exhausted; we had finally worn each other out. This had been one of the best fucks of my life because I knew I had to make the most of it. The Viagra helped.

A satisfied smile crept across her pretty face. It was such a shame that she was so messed up inside. She could have been ‘The One’. So close, yet so far.

After the past day, this Grey Knight was starting to learn and enjoy the principles of lust…

Enigma – Principles of Lust

Horny, horny, horny

“I’m horny,” is all her text message said. Krazy Girl wanted a good fucking, that’s what I read into it. Her timing was terrible. I had just met someone the previous night who aroused my romantic curiosity (Teacher Gal) and had Tech Titan as a fuckbuddy from the previous weekend. What more could I want? Some more of the best sex of my life with Krazy Girl, is what I thought. For a brief moment I wondered if she was putting out feelers having had a change of heart about me, but my rational side won, convincing me that she was just too fucked up emotionally from her divorce to be ‘The One’.

Teacher Gal and I had a chat the night after our first date and we agreed to get together the following Tuesday after work again. The upcoming weekend was I totally free, and I knew I would be horny as always. Choking the monkey is no fun compared to the soft, warm loveliness that is a sex-starved woman.

“Come and get it Saturday night,” was my crude text reply to Krazy Girl. I didn’t really expect her to pitch, let alone respond, so when all I got was a stony silence for days afterwards I thought nothing of it.

I knew that things were just sexual with Tech Titan and now Krazy Girl, so continuing to look for and meet someone I could have a romantic relationship with felt like the practical thing to do. Fucking other women while starting to date someone new without sleeping with them – is it some sort of crime? I didn’t know any more, but doing so seemed very logical.

In fact, it seemed to have the benefit of taking any kind of sexual pressure out of the first couple of dates when meeting someone new. With my high sex-drive I knew that I ran the risk of coming across as a lecherous fuckwit if a woman caught me staring blankly at her mammaries because I hadn’t recently been pacified.

(My mother is getting on in years and is starting to contemplate her mortality. In a recent brain spasm of brutal honesty she said of my father, “Jeezus, that man was insatiable.” Nothing prepares you in life for a moment like that, but it does explain my lustful ways. Apparently other men think of sex every 7 seconds; I think they’re retards. I digress…)

On the Friday afternoon at work I indulged in one of my favourite things to do when chained to my desk: swap naughty text messages with Tech Titan. Somehow I was a natural at turning her on with my words and ideas. I teased and verbally pleased her until home-time. Once home I swapped lame-by-comparison conventional text messages with Teacher Gal who was playing cards with friends that night.

My flow of messages with Teacher Gal was interrupted by a message from Tech Titan. “You’ve got me all fired up. Can I come to yours? Now?”

“Yes, come to me. Slip a vibe up yourself as you drive to me. I want you ready when you get here,” I texted back, laughing to myself, thinking she’d never do that. Yep, I was horny too. She wouldn’t drive over to me with the Purple Pussy Eater in her, would she? Would she? I left it at that and returned to texting Teacher Gal, feeling a little guilty about what I was doing.

A couple of minutes later my flow of messages with Teacher Gal was interrupted by a message from Krazy Girl. “I’m coming around at 4pm tomorrow.”

Oh shit! I’d forgotten all about her, thinking I would never hear from her again.

Tech Titan would probably want to fuck all night and again in the morning. Krazy Girl would then be arriving a few hours later in the afternoon. I was in a slight state of panic, not because of the morality, practicality or novelty of the situation, but because I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to perform with my favourite nymphomaniac, Krazy Girl. Hey, I have my priorities straight! These women were counting on me to please them.

It amazes me how my brain works. When under pressure it must be the adrenaline which poops the bunny out of the hat. I remembered that I had an unused Viagra from a Valentine’s Day stunt I had pulled for my Exgf a few years back. I had bought a white naval aviator’s uniform, the type Richard Gere wore in ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ and spent a day watching YouTube learning how to do a male striptease. As part of the frivolity of the evening I experimented with a Viagra. I fucked her for seven hours straight; eventually she begged me to cum because she wanted to sleep. I had bought a spare Viagra and now had a reason to use it. Imaginary crisis averted.

My doorbell rang and I bid Teacher Gal goodbye. In a moment of inspiration I grabbed my camera and switched it onto video. I began filming as I opened my door to find Tech Titan standing there, smiling at me. I kept the camera trained on her as she came inside, giggling as she did so. We greeted each other with a kiss and moved onto the lounge.

“Did you use the Purple Pussy Eater on yourself as you drove over?” I asked.

“No,” she said with a naughty grin.

“Yeah, I didn’t think you would,” I said smugly.

“I only used the small one,” she retorted. I swallowed hard.

“Undress me,” I said in a coldly commanding tone of voice. Speaking like that seemed to do things for her.

Tech Titan gave off a guffaw, smiled mischievously at me and then proceeded to take off my clothes. As she did so I kept the camera focussed on her, getting her used to it being so directly in her face. Once starkers, I slouched down on my sofa while Tech Titan stood smiling at me, her chubby little cheeks very rosy, waiting for her next command.

“Take your clothes off,” I said.

She instantly complied, tossing her clothes piece by piece nonchalantly onto a nearby chair. It wasn’t long before she was naked too, her nipples erect.

“Get on your knees where you are,” I ordered, constantly keeping the camera on her.

Without a word or sound Tech Titan complied. I could get used to such subservience.

“Walk on your knees over to me,” was my next instruction. As she did so the lens captured her belly and breasts wobbling with every move. I lay back and opened my legs as she neared me.

“Now what would you like me to do? This perhaps?” she asked, speaking almost out of turn in our little game of domination, as she lifted my cock up and started sucking on it.

Tech Titan loved giving head; she seemed content to do so for hours. I think it is inherent in her nature to want to please people. In that way we were a good match because I was of the same outlook. It was such a shame that her having committed my sexual foible made it impossible for me to ever think of her as ‘The One’.

“Were you imagining doing this on your drive over? Have you been looking forward to having my cock in your mouth?” I asked naughtily.

“Oh, you have no idea,” she gasped, momentarily taking my cock out of her mouth to speak without making eye-contact then resuming eagerly sucking away on me.

It occurred to me that I might be starting a little private video collection before I found ‘The One’, so I decided to add a commentary to the video. I said her name, where she was from as a child, where she lived now, what she did as a job and what she loved doing sexually. Tech Titan laughed about my doing this. She had such a sweet nature. (Whenever I’ve subsequently watched that video it comes across as a cute, naughty touch.)

She kept sucking and licking my cock and balls until the memory card on my camera filled up. I put it down on a nearby coffee table, got up and positioned myself behind her, getting down on my knees and then sliding my cock into her incredibly wet pussy.

“Do you want me to fuck you in the arse again?” I asked, thrusting deep into her vagina, thinking I knew the answer.

“Yes and no. Yes because I like it, but no because I’m still sore from the last time. You’ve got a big cock,” she answered, her fingers sinking into the sofa, desperately trying to find something to hold onto that just wasn’t there.

I was relieved to hear that because a part of me was wanting to conserve my energy for the wild sexual creature that I call Krazy Girl.

Why were we all just so fucking horny…horny, horny, horny?

Mousse T – Horny

Way too big

Date #16 – Teacher Gal

So now I had a fuckbuddy in Tech Titan, but that wasn’t good enough. I wanted and deserved someone remarkable who I could give my heart to and she would do the same for me. Finding “The One” was still my highest priority and to the dating sites I turned. Spotting a pretty face on MatchAffinity, I was wonderfully surprised to see that she was from the same part of the world as me. Her I just had to meet and I quickly fired off my standard approach email.

She responded within hours and for a few days we swapped messages at night with her wanting to know a lot about my family history. She was four years younger than me and a teacher at a boarding school in a town half an hour’s drive from me. I dubbed her ‘Teacher Gal’. I had to suggest twice that we meet up before she agreed; she seemed very cautious.

Was she ‘The One’?

We met at a funky hotel bar next to the river in her town on a Tuesday night. She arrived a quarter of an hour late, perhaps in an attempt to make a grand entrance. From the instant I saw Teacher Gal I liked the look of her. (Golden blonde hair is always a good start with me – deep down I’m quite superficial.) She had a girlish face with rosy cheeks, soft, smiley blue-grey eyes and was of above average height for a woman. She was a little oddly dressed with a black knee-length skirt, blue floral blouse, brown leather boots and brown chequered cotton jacket. She was wearing a necklace of pearls, but it was the overly large white flower thing on her jacket that let down her look. It reminded me of a fake flower a circus clown would wear to squirt water into an admirer’s eye.

We ordered drinks, found a table and sat down to what I was expecting would be an interesting conversation. Initially Teacher Gal was a little guarded, which isn’t too unusual for a woman on a first date. With time, as it became evident that we had rapport, she relaxed (I noticed that her shoulders had dropped) and she started laughing more. I can be very funny – I make me laugh.

Getting hungry I suggested that we eat something. She seemed reluctant to join me in a meal, but once she saw how much I was ordering she must have found her appetite too because she relented and asked for a main course. It seemed that she had decided that this wasn’t going to be a quick-drink-after-work kind of date.

I found her skittishness puzzling but knew from talking to my other dates that some women have had bad dating experiences. Perhaps her previous date was a nightmare that lead to her crawling out of the window in the ladies? Perhaps she had it in her mind that our date would be just a quick drink and then after an hour she’d go home? Perhaps Teacher Gal was dreading getting spinach caught between her teeth? Whatever her mindset, I was going to have a meal and, truth be told, string the evening out for as long as possible because I was enjoying talking to her. The cultural affinity was refreshing.

For dessert I had tiramisu while Teacher Gal went for a tumbler of the most expensive whiskey available on the planet! Her choice surprised me because I had always equated whiskey with alcoholics; it was my father’s poison of choice. Thus my father’s alcoholism was the cause of my internal negative reaction to my date’s choice of dessert. It didn’t sit well with me at all, but I said nothing about it.

Nevertheless conversation flowed easily and she started initiating topics and showing more animation to her demeanour, which pleased me. It seemed she was warming to me; perhaps it was the alcohol loosening her up? It was now dark and the pub was emptying out, closing time was approaching. I was enjoying being with her because it felt so comfortable and familiar talking to her about our past lives, forgotten loves, paths followed and lessons learned, all of which seemed quite similar to me.

“I know it’s late and we’ve just met, but I don’t suppose you feel like going for a walk along the river?” I asked.

“I’d like that. It’s a nice evening,” she said with a coy smile. I don’t think either of us knew what it was like outside as it had been almost four hours since we met.

This simple gesture and her response told me that she was not only comfortable with me, but that she was enjoying herself too and didn’t want the evening to end. I paid for the meal and drinks, dismissing her feeble offers to pay half. Out into the cool evening air we went, following the pedestrian path next to the river, with just the moon for company as weeping willows caressed the velvety water. I turned to her and uttered those immortal words, “Tell me, do you like chicken?”

“I love chicken, “ she replied.

“Good. Would you like to take a wing?” I asked, offering her my arm, which she coupled up with while letting off a little girlish laugh. Arm in arm we walked in the moonlight, talking about everything and nothing in particular, content to just be beside each other.

After a few minutes I noticed that Teacher Gal seemed a little cold, so I took my jacket off and slipped it over her shoulders, ignoring her objections. She smiled appreciatively at me as my nipples told it me that it was colder than I realized. I brazenly put an arm around her shoulder in an effort to share body heat and this made her smile even more.

Conversation died down as we approached her car, which I recognised was the same as my previous car.

“I had one of these,” I couldn’t help but say as we stood beside it, facing each other.

“Yes, it is a good car. But it isn’t an XYZ. I’d much prefer one of those and in red,” she said naming my red sports car that was sitting outside my home. The coincidence of her having a thing for the same car as me lead to a rush of chemicals that spilled out like a flash-flood over the back of my brain, giving me that warm fuzzy feeling that I crave.

The moment I had become curious about as the evening wore on had arrived and in its own good time as is its way. I looked Teacher Gal in the eye, slowly stepped forward, put a hand on her waist and with my other hand cupped the side of her face, putting a few fingers through her hair and touching the back of her head. I leaned forward and gave her the slowest, gentlest kiss I knew how.

I felt breath exhale out of her nostrils onto my top lip as our lips touched. I kept my eyes open and saw her close hers as she tilted her head slightly. Teacher Gal had very soft lips and I knew that my approach was the best one as I felt her body lean against mine, as she stood on tippy toes to kiss me.

Before she got a chance to pull away or use her tongue, I withdrew. I wanted to leave her wanting more. She kept her eyes closed and slumped against me as I wrapped my arms around her body. In that speechless moment she felt so delicate and vulnerable. Gone was the guarded demeanour, finally replaced by a woman looking for love.

My kiss had melted all her defences. My hours of reading forums and websites about the art and skills of seduction were starting to pay dividends.

Reclaiming my jacket I bade her goodnight and we promised each other to get together again. I stood and watched her drive off, not too sure what to make of the night, slightly exhilarated but not entirely convinced about Teacher Gal. There was definitely a connection of some kind, but I didn’t get the feeling that she was ‘The One’, but how can you ever really know on a first date?

I was learning that first dates were like a bikini: What they suggest is provocative, but what they conceal is vital.

Tech Titan gets it in the end – Final part

Once in her bedroom I said, “Get on the bed, ready for doggy style,” to which Tech Titan meekly complied, reaching under herself to play with her pussy as I got undressed. This time I was a responsible fucker and put a condom on. The reckless anal sex incident with Krazy Girl ( ) had been on my mind every day since it happened and despite fucking Tech Titan au natural a week ago, I thought a condom the right thing to do, especially since I knew I was going to be fucking her in the arse.

I stepped forward, my shins against the edge of her bed, gripped her hips and pulled her towards me. Grabbing her butt-cheeks, I pulled them sideways, revealing her holes that winked at me as I looked down at them. My cock I positioned at the entrance to her vagina and slowly I glided into her. She was still dripping wet; this encounter was doing it for her. Tech Titan liked being told what to do, she liked being used like this.

As my cock and hips worked in unison just like Nature intended, I kept my hands on her buttocks, gripping them and spreading them apart, thus affording me a perfect view of my cock sliding in and out of her. Tech Titan’s pussy lips were wrapped around my cock, making her surprisingly tight and I took it to be a sign that she was very turned on. I looked at her anus, taking the time to observe it properly. Never before had I intentionally and willingly stuck my cock in a woman’s arse before, but there’s a first time for everything and it was what this woman wanted. I didn’t understand her motivation for wanting this done to her, but this Grey Knight was past caring about what was going on in a woman’s mind any more.

I had read up a little about proper technique and etiquette for anal sex. I knew to wait until the woman was totally turned on, which Tech Titan now was. The next step was to prepare her for anal penetration, so I sucked a thumb and positioned it on her butt-hole. Tech Titan let out a satisfied breath and her shoulders moved slightly as she felt my thumb rubbing a circle around her small hole. All the while my cock was pounding away rhythmically at her pussy.

In a coldly premeditated fashion I forced that thumb into her arse. There was an initial hard fleshy area of resistance, but with a little more pressure that gave way to a surprisingly moist and soft area that was the inner sanctum of her arse. I calmly positioned my thumb in there for her to get used to it and kept it still for about a minute as I fucked her pussy with my cock.

Any man will tell you that wearing a condom is like wearing a rubber Wellington boot. What you feel is reduced by more than half, depending on the thickness of the condom. Yes, it is great from a hygiene and birth control point of view, but it also keeps a man in the game longer. Less sensation equates to reduced likelihood of him cumming too soon for a woman’s liking. I had read that a condom also retains lubricant longer than a penis, so is useful from that point of view for anal sex. I was glad to be wearing one this day, despite feeling very little.

I looked down at my hand that had four fingers resting on the base of her spine and the thumb lodged in her butt-hole. It reminded me of a butcher’s meat hook that a juicy piece of meat would hang from, so I decided to call this act ‘on the hook’.

Tech Titan was relaxed; I knew her body language well enough to know that she was in the throes of ecstasy from what I was doing to her. I quickly pulled my thumb out of her arse and simultaneously pulled my cock out of her pussy. Before she had any time to react, say or do anything, I had positioned my cock at her butt-hole.

With a moderate degree of force I pushed my cock into her arse and it slid in surprisingly easily. Tech Titan didn’t make a sound nor move. I knew to take it easy initially, so I looked to her face for signs of pain or distress, but there were none. Her facial expression was neutral, eyes closed, her mouth was slightly open and her body unmoved. I noticed that the only part of her that showed any signs of life was her hands.

Tech Titan’s stubby fingers clawed into the duvet cover, slowly forming a tight fist that revealed the mixture of pleasure and pain that she felt. As I gently started to rock my hips, her arse felt fantastically tight even with a rubber on, more pleasurable than her pussy had ever felt. Speeding up the motion lead to her releasing the bedding for a moment and then clenching it harder than before. She didn’t make a sound as my cock stretched her arse apart.

This arse-fucking could not have been physically pleasurable for her, so there must have been something else going on, something emotional or psychological. Why did she want this? How did it make her feel? I needed to know more.

“Have you been fucked in the arse before?” I asked, speaking for the first time in what seemed like an intense eternity.

“Yes, twice before,” she wheezed.

“Tell me what happened,” I said, now very curious, all the while speeding up the motion of my cock in her arse.

“It was the same guy each time. I was seeing him last year before we met. The first time I didn’t like it, but the second time I did,” she replied, catching her breath between sentences.

“Did he cum in your arse?” I asked.


“Do you want me to cum in your arse?” It was a silly question to my mind because I was wearing a condom; she wouldn’t get to feel my hot, sticky baby gravy in her bum.

“Oh yes,” she answered.

With that we both fell silent again and I continued fucking her in the arse. By now the speed and intensity of my thrusts were like those of when I was freely pounding her pussy. Even in the heat of the moment I was aware of the fact that she showed no signs of discomfort. Tech Titan had a high pain threshold…or she liked pain.

I looked down, spreading her cheeks with my hands, seeing that her anus had loosened somewhat and was moving outwards when I pulled my cock backwards. It was utterly bizarre to see this sight, but here I was, balls deep in a woman’s arse…and it didn’t feel too bad. My past moral objections were replaced with a guiltless state driven by her wanting this. Tech Titan had a very naughty side, a slutty side that I would never have guessed existed the day we met.

“Are you now a slut for anal?” I asked.


“Are you now an anal slut?”


“Do you want to be fucked in the arse every time from now on?”

“Oh yes.”

“Do you like being fucked in the arse?”

“Mmmmm…” was all she said, letting off a deep-seated sound of approval.

Hearing that made my blood warm a bit more, my cock became like a steam train barrelling down a straight track at full speed. My hips became the little wheels at the front of the locomotive, turning over and over with an unstoppable sense of urgency. Every thrust was faster and harder than before, relentlessly onward and inward. I was fucking her arse as harshly as I could and all the time she was motionless except for a little rocking forward when my pelvic bones smacked into her fat buttocks. I saw that her hands were still intensely gripping the bedding, but she was taking this ass-pounding…taking it, liking it.

It was at least a quarter of an hour of this – unbelievable to me even now – when eventually my man juice flowed from my balls and exploded out of my cock into the condom.

Tech Titan got what she wanted…in the end.

LESSONS LEARNED: 1) Some women like to be fucked in the arse 2) Anal sex isn’t so bad as long as I’m doing the penetrating 3) Human sexuality comes in all shapes and sizes – svelte isn’t always sexy. Sexy is an attitude, not a dress size.

Depeche Mode – Strangelove

Tech Titan gets it in the end

Does she really want me to fuck her in the arse, I kept asking myself as I arrived at Tech Titan’s house. She seemed pleased to see me as I hid behind a nervous smile. Every time I saw her I was taken aback by her size that I think most men would be intimidated by. She had made us a Sunday lunch and we engaged in small talk as we ate; she was in a very upbeat mood. Had she remembered what she wanted me to do to her? Had she forgotten or was she looking forward to it? I smiled politely as my eyes scanned her body. I remember thinking to myself, “Are you really going to fuck a woman that large…and in the arse too?”

It wasn’t long before we were sitting kissing on her sofa. I had noticed the beige soft-fabric pouch from the previous week and it was strategically positioned on the arm of the sofa opposite us. An idea came to me and I decided to couple it with my own surprise that I had brought along.

“Stand up, go into the middle of the room,” I said to Tech Titan. Without a word she complied as I reached for the bag I had brought along. I pulled a camera out, switched it on and looked up at Tech Titan, expecting her to be shocked, frowning or rushing towards me, but instead she was smiling at me. Still sitting down I put the camera on a knee and pointed it at her.

“Take your clothes off,” I said, unsure as to whether or not she would comply.

She did.

Her dress fell easily to the floor once it had cleared her bulging hips. She was wearing a matching turquoise bra and panties that I liked the look of. Without any encouragement she took the bra off, letting her f-cup breasts fall free; her flesh-coloured nipples were hard.

Tech Titan looked at me and was smiling naughtily, her cheeks were rosy and eyes shiny. I looked at her crotch, at the panties, in a silent instruction and she obeyed, pushing them down to her knees, letting them join the dress at her feet.

“Sit down over there,” I said, gesturing to the sofa opposite with my free hand. She complied.

“Spread your legs,” I commanded, to which she lay back and spread her legs as wide open as she could. I zoomed in with the camera, filling the frame with her body, her pussy in the foreground.

“Play with yourself,” I directed. Tech Titan brought a dry hand to her pussy and started rubbing her pussy, then her clit. I heard squelching sounds; she was obviously turned on by this. After a few seconds she closed her eyes and, without any coaxing from me, slid her middle finger into her pussy and then grabbed a breast to twist its nipple.

“What do you think about when you play with yourself” I asked.

“How nice it would be to have a cock in me,” she answered.

We both fell silent, letting the moment build more before I spoke again.

“Why don’t you use your vibrator?” I suggested. Tech Titan sat up, reached into the beige pouch that had a suspiciously loose draw-cord and pulled the Purple Pussy Eater out. She didn’t need to suck on it to make it wet; her pussy was dripping wet and she knew it.

She lay back, pressed the ‘on’ button and slid the Purple Pussy Eater as deeply into herself as it could go, all the while rubbing her clit with a middle finger. It wasn’t long before she was moaning in pleasure.

I decided it was time to join in and, keeping my camera in hand, I went over to her and took the vibrator out of her hand but kept it in her. Swivelling it around in her made her moan louder and she started rubbing her clit faster.

“You’ve got a nice big, fat clit,” I said, speaking my mind, revelling in the novelty of recording all this naughtiness.

“Nobody’s ever sucked my clit before. I like you sucking it,” she said.

I ignored her hint and let go of the vibe, which largely stayed in her, reached into the beige pouch and pulled out her kinky nipple clamps. She heard the sound of the chain and opened her eyes, smiling. Her nipples were crying out for the kind of attention that she enjoyed them getting. Tech Titan let off a gasp of pleasure as I let each clamp bite a nipple.

I resumed pleasuring her with the Purple Pussy Eater as she continued rubbing her clit. The camera slavishly took in this scene before me; I still thought the nipple clamps plus chain an odd sight.

“Is this what you like?” I asked, rolling the vibe around inside her.

“I’d much rather it was your big, fat cock,”she replied, catching her breath as she said it.

Again I ignored giving her what she wanted, preferring to let it build the anticipation. I let go of the vibe, which fell at an angle that must have hit her g-spot and put my free index finger in her mouth, which she diligently sucked. I think she knew where it was going. I hoped she knew its destination because her sucking it made it naughtier for me.

I pulled my finger out and gripped the Purple Pussy Eater with my dry fingers, pushing the vibe back in her…and slowly pushed the wet finger up her arse. She let out more intense moans of pleasure as she closed her eyes and rubbed her clit with more vigour.

“What’s happening to you?” I asked, pointing the camera at her face, capturing every little detail of her reaction.

“You’ve got a finger up my arse,” she replied.

“Do you like it?”

“Yes,” she said, gasping for air. “I’d much rather it was your cock in there, with my vibrator in my pussy,” she said in a low, confessional tone, almost speaking out of turn, breaking the pattern of me asking and her answering. I was surprised by what she said, largely because I hadn’t thought of it, not because I was repulsed by the idea, which I wasn’t. Her words also confirmed to me that she had been thinking about having my cock in her arse. Had she been eating lunch imagining feeling my cock sliding into her anus?

The sensation of having my finger up her arse and being able to feel the vibrator next to it was new and unusual to me, but it felt good. How would my cock in her arse with a vibrator in her pussy feel, I wondered.

By now my cock was fully erect and in need of sucking. I pulled my finger out of her arse and let go of the Purple Pussy Eater. I was still fully clothed and stood up to unzip my jeans and pull my cock out of its hideaway. Presenting my cock to Tech Titan’s face lead to an instantaneous head motion by her as she swallowed as much of me as she could, making a deep-seated sound of approval as she did so.

As Tech Titan did what she loved, I was looking at the sofa, realizing that it was too low for comfortable doggy-style sex. I had only ever envisaged fucking Tech Titan in the arse doggy-style. Just then the camera battery died; I had forgotten to recharge it since going on holiday to the Black Sea with Baltic Babe.

“Let’s go to your bedroom,” I said and Tech Titan got up in silence. Was her fantasy coming true? I helped her up and put the useless camera down. I heard the chain between her breasts clinking as she walked in front of me to the bedroom. The sound made me think of her as being my sexual slave, my plaything…my piece of fuckmeat.

I could do anything I wanted to her.

To be continued…

Tech Titan reappears – Final part

The biggest butt plug surely ever made in a luminous, neon purple. A factory in China that used to make doorstops must have slapped a plastic covering on its bestseller. I’d never seen one of those in the flesh (pun intended) before either. At its widest part it was at least two inches wide, possibly three.

How the hell did that thing fit up her arse? Tech Titan enjoyed that? Oh shit, was it meant for me?! I was too scared to ask and took charge of proceedings before it was too late for me.

“Show me how you use these things on yourself,” I said, trying to sound dominating, expertly hiding my unease while being curious as to what exactly she did to herself with this perverted little Tupperware party.

I stood squarely in front of her with a knee resting on the large footstool, my dick in one hand. Tech Titan began by sucking on a small vibrator, switching it on, spreading her legs and playing with it on her clitoris. After a minute of this she slid it inside her pussy and wiggled it about, making satisfied noises as she did so. She held it in place with one hand and with the other hand she grabbed the Dalek-looking monster vibrator and put that in her mouth to lubricate it.

Tech Titan pulled the little vibe out and placed it beside her. She seemed to have a system going here, I thought to myself, with toys moving from one side of her body to the other. She forced the massive purple vibe up her pussy and it must have been somewhat tight because she lifted her head suddenly which I took to mean she felt a little pain…and liked it. At least three-quarters of this thing disappeared into her pussy.

The Purple Pussy Eater whirred, growled and munched away at her insides. I heard occasional squelching noises. I watched as a little smile spread angelically across her face; Tech Titan was enjoying this. We never said a word. I had my dick in my hand, but knew that it was shrinking as all the blood ran to my brain while I took in this spectacle before me.

For some people power or control is the ultimate aphrodisiac, but for me it’s intimacy. Having a woman expose herself, share her deepest, darkest sexual secrets with me, is an act of trust and vulnerability – and that turns me on. It sends chemicals coursing through my brain, a fuzzy warm feeling sets in behind my ears and runs down to my spine. It’s a tingling buzz that doesn’t happen often, but when it does…I just love it. It was happening now.

Tech Titan held the Purple Pussy Eater in place and brought the nipple clamps to her cleavage. Expertly she kept the vibe working away in her as she grabbed each breast in turn and sucked on her own nipples, making them hard and erect. Then she took the end of the chain and opened the clamp before letting it take hold, almost bite, the nipple. She did the same with the other end of the chain and other nipple, simply dropping the chain onto her gently wobbling tits.

To me this was a bizarre sight, her breasts being linked with a chain that stretched across her chest. I said nothing, preferring to just enjoy the novelty of all this before me. I knew that there was more to come.

Tech Titan grabbed the small vibrator again, sucked on it and before I could clearly see what she was doing had quickly slipped it up her arse. I had never seen a woman do that before, not even in a porn movie. I was stunned; I never thought a vibe could be used like that. Clearly I had much to learn.

Then my eyes strayed over to the purple butt-plug, sitting snugly on the sofa next to her, like it was a smiling little buddha. Was she really going to shove that up her arse? Or was she just going to use it as a dildo on her pussy? We hadn’t said a word in what seemed like an eternity and I didn’t care; I was mesmerised.

As I looked at the butt plug, trying to discern its measurements and guess its weight, Tech Titan’s hand appeared over it to grab the tube of KY jelly. I was impressed by how, with one hand, she unscrewed the top, squeezed a dollop out on to the pointy head of the butt plug and spread the substance around the top half.

My cock was now totally flaccid, but in a semi-hypnotized state I held onto it with one hand as Tech Titan reached under herself and pulled the small vibrator out of her arse, dropping it to one side on my sofa. I made a mental note that these sofa covers were going into the wash the next day.

Tech Titan raised her knees and brought the butt-plug into position – she was going to put it up her arse…while having the monster vibrator in her pussy!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was speechless and am pretty sure that my mouth was hanging open.

She brought the top of the butt plug to her butt-hole and gently pushed just the tip into her arse, holding it there for a few seconds. Then she started rhythmically and gently rocking it backwards and forwards, all the while pushing it slightly deeper up her arse with each thrust. I noticed that her breathing was in time with her hand, with every breath out, she took a little bit more of it up her.

I watched as her butt-hole slowly and surely expanded. All the time with her other hand Tech Titan kept the Purple Pussy Eater working away in her. Was that healthy, I wondered to myself, but I wasn’t going to argue because obviously she had done this a few times before at least, so what did I know.

The sight of the widest part of the butt-plug stretching her arse open was a strange, curious scene to me. I’d never seen anything like it before and it looked unnatural to me, but then again so did most of my sexual experiences the first time they happened.

Slowly the butt-plug slid in and I watched in stunned silence as the widest part disappeared as her arse seemed to swallow it. The rim of her butt-hole shrank tight again to grip the thinner end that was part of the flat base that she was holding. As her arse swallowed the butt-plug she let out a gasp of air and made an approving sound, made eye contact with me and gave me a satisfied smile.

This was heaven for Tech Titan, that’s what her smile told me. This is what she did on lonely, horny nights. I wondered how this all came about, what road had she followed that lead to her lying naked before me, her pussy juices dripping onto my fabric sofa, nipple clamps biting tight, a huge vibrator grinding away in her pussy and an obscene butt-plug buried deep in her arse. That conversation would have to wait for another time; my erection was returning.

I got up onto the sofa, positioned my hips in front of her face and lowered my cock down towards her mouth. Tech Titan looked up at me with submissive eyes and slowly opened her mouth. I pulled my foreskin back and gently lowered the bell-end into her mouth, noticing the resemblance between how her arse swallowed the butt-plug and how her mouth swallowed my cock – both very similar.

Tech Titan let off a muffled sound of pleasure as my shaft filled her mouth. I rocked my hips backwards and forwards, slowly at first, then increasing in speed. As I did so I noticed her body tensing up; she was getting closer to cumming. I think it must have been the sensation of having all her holes filled at the same time that sent her over the edge. Tech Titan came with an almighty shudder that caused the nipple clamp’s chains to rattle – the chains that signified her servitude to being dominated, her being servant to my master, being used, being made to feel like a piece of fuckmeat. Were they symbols of a shackled life that she escaped from with sex like this?

I felt her arm move and saw her drop the Purple Pussy Eater, still buzzing and gyrating, onto the sofa, next to the small vibrator that was her foreplay toy. Tech Titan kept sucking away at my cock, swallowing as much of it as she could. She kept her eyes closed as she did so, making cute little sounds that reverberated through the chambers of my cock. Feeling a woman making sounds on my cock is one of life’s simple little pleasures for me.

Then I remembered that I might have a diseased cock, courtesy of the anal sex morning with Krazy Girl. I had to wait a few weeks more before any tests at a clinic would be conclusive. I know that strictly speaking I shouldn’t be letting her suck on my cock if I did have something nasty, but it was too late now. I know that I should have slipped a condom on, but in a spectacular failure of impulse-control, I pulled my cock out of Tech Titan’s mouth and slid my body down her rump.

Without a word I rammed my cock as deep into her pussy as I could in one forceful movement. I was now so turned on that I just had to fuck. It had been building up in me for days and like a baby alien crawling out of an astronaut’s chest, this thing in me needed life, it needed to get out of my body and nothing was going to stop it.

I was very aware of the sensation of the butt-plug in her arse acting as a firm base under my shaft. Tech Titan’s pussy had always felt “unnecessarily spacious” the other times we had fucked, but this time, thanks to the thing in her arse, she felt tighter. Maybe another lover had got her into the butt-plug thing as a way of making her feel tighter. An average cock in her would have been like a straw waving around in the Royal Albert Hall.

Lying on top of her, my eyes closed, listening to her chain rattle, feeling her tits flopping against my biceps as I furiously fucked her felt good. It felt very good. This was primal lust at its best, totally devoid of affection and this Grey Knight didn’t care.

“Oh yes. That’s it. Fuck me…fuck me…please fuck me,” she said, spurring me on, not that I needed it.

Tech Titan wrapped her legs around behind me, her heels finding my butt-cheeks and she pulled me into her, in time with my thrusts. The butt-plug in her arse somehow didn’t pop out and it made her pussy feel hard at the bottom and soft elsewhere, a very novel sensation that I quickly began to enjoy. From the sounds she was making I’d say she was enjoying having my cock in her. Tech Titan loved being fucked.

It wasn’t long before my body tensed up, my balls stiffened and then shifted position as baby gravy started to head for the exit. It had been several days since my last release. My eyes showed me a galaxy of stars as my body convulsed in orgasm. My brain short-circuited and rattled around in my skull, giving me a slight headache. It was that kind of orgasm; the best kind.

I lay on top of Tech Titan for a few seconds, catching my breath and swallowing hard, totally spent but satisfied. We fucked nicely together.

“I need to get the butt-plug out now. It’s starting to hurt,” she said.

I rolled off her and watched as she extracted it, my cum was starting to ooze out and drip out of her pussy down to her butt-hole, but I don’t think she noticed or cared if she did. That purple butt-plug came out with a little popping sound. I looked to see if there was any shit on it, but I couldn’t see any. She noticed me looking at it and smiled at me.

“I was kind of hoping that you’d take me up the arse,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Okay, I’ll do that to you next time if you really want me to,” I answered smugly, thinking that she was joking.

“How about next Sunday at my place?”

LESSON LEARNED: 1) No matter how well you think you know someone, you cannot predict their sexual proclivities. 2) The anus can stretch more than I ever cared to think about.

Depeche Mode – Master & Servant

Tech Titan reappears


I was feeling a little lonely and in need of some intimacy; I was horny as all Hell. Tech Titan had been sending me friendly emails every two weeks since I had last said goodbye to her. For the first time in months I contacted her via WhatsApp, not expecting a quick response or any kind of outcome. Looking back on it now, it was a plaintive cry on my part as I sat alone in the dark of the Wilderness of Love. My feeble words were a childish pleading for attention and succour from a woman – any woman.

She replied almost instantly. It was Wintery and she was standing on an icy countryside train station platform waiting for a train to take her to a business meeting in another town. I was, as ever, bored and unstimulated by the pitiful thing called “my job”, so I was in a mischievous mood. I wanted to see what fun I could have with her via text messaging.

We went through the usual pleasantries of catching up on what each of us had been up to since we last saw each other. I made no mention of the women I had fucked. I had learned from reading material on the internet to slowly escalate the tone and nature of a conversation with a woman toward what I wanted. I had never done this before and decided that this would serve as practise. She stood to gain some stimulation out of it too, that was my self-righteous justification for doing what I knew I shouldn’t. If she felt discomfort or disapproval at any point she would either make this plain to me or would make excuses and disappear. The Grey Knight had nothing to lose.

I turned the conversation sexual and she seemed to like it. Within minutes we were swapping messages at a furious pace. With more luck than skill I got her to describe in detail her darkest fantasies, desires and sexual preferences. I added fuel to the fire by way of continually asking for details and suggesting some of my own. I soon sported a full erection while she confessed to being quite wet, wanting penetration and a “good, hard fucking”. I dared not leave my desk and walk around, my colleagues would spot my erection.

She didn’t feel the cold weather any longer, her blood had heated up too. She was now sitting in a train carriage, looking lustfully at the men around her, fantasizing about being spit-roasted and gangbanged by them, each man taking his turn and time to use any of her holes however he wished. I could almost hear her breathing and heartbeat through my phone. This was not love, but it was damn good fun.

At that moment, I felt that I could have sex with any woman who was willing. My heart was racing, my blood pumping to my boner – and love, morals or anything my mother had told me about had nothing to do with what I felt like doing. It was raw, animalistic lust that was seeking an outlet…a hole. A warm, moist, soft, feminine hole that was eager to receive my cock that was now dripping with pre-cum.

I bluntly and crudely messaged Tech Titan, “If you’re free on the weekend, why not come to mine and I’ll give you what you want.” I was aghast at my brazenness but this new territory was fun for me.

Her response: “How about 4pm on Saturday?”

Me: “Perfect. Feel free to bring all your toys. All of them.”

Her: “Ok. 🙂 “

I had no idea if she even had any toys. I just threw that in there as a cheeky act of bravado. What toys could she have, I asked myself for days afterwards.

It was a blustery dusk that Saturday when she arrived. I wasn’t too sure how this was going to go down, so in an attempt to not make her feel cheap, I had made a three-course dinner for us. I hadn’t seen her in six months but conversation flowed easily as we got comfortable with each other again. The wine helped relax her, but I think it was the two episodes of Californication that got her frisky.

Sitting on my sofa we started kissing and I could tell that she was ready to fuck. I guess the sexual tension had been building in her for days beforehand. I pulled her skirt up and slid my hand into her knickers; she silently, compliantly spread her legs. My fingers found her wetness and all those juices could have covered my hand like a glove. I kissed her while I played with her clit before sliding two fingers into her slippery pussy. As I found her g-spot she started making little noises of submissive appreciation as she kept her eyes closed.

I pushed back up onto my knees and undressed her. Jeezus, she was a big girl, but not in an off-putting way. I love the female body, no matter how large. Nevertheless, this was still unusual territory for me, getting intimate with someone that I didn’t feel an emotional connection with. She was more of a friend than anything else, but was now becoming a friend with benefits. My very first fuckbuddy. It was going to take me time to get used to that, but until then my cock needed sucking and my sac needed emptying – and I had a willing mouth and holes before me.

An idea came to me and I stood up, taking a moment to look at this naked woman sprawled on my sofa with her f-cup breasts, perfect white skin and squelching wet pussy, all there for the taking. I resisted the urge to do what an amateurish lover would do.

“Come over here and undress me,” I commanded.

She got up and started undressing me from the top down. When she got my trousers off she went down onto her knees, which is when my idea took hold. As she fumbled with my jocks and socks, I grabbed my phone and got it into camera mode. She heard the noises it made and looked up at me, a pleading look in her eyes.

“I want you to suck my cock,” I instructed and immediately she complied, without a word, taking my bell-end into her mouth, running her tongue around it before swallowing as much of it as she could. As she went about doing what she loved to do, I used my phone to take pictures of her in action from every conceivable angle.

Here was a high-powered businesswoman, holding sway over scores of men in a male dominated industry, on her knees sucking my cock like her life depended on it…and being photographed doing so. I took dozens of pictures, my favourites being her looking at the camera with her doey eyes, licking or sucking various parts of my genitals, all the while keeping eye contact with the mechanical eye recording her.

Let me tell you something: The hottest porn you will ever see stars yourself.

Tech Titan’s jaw started to lock up and my phone’s battery died, that’s how many pictures I took.

“Lie on the sofa,” I said.

She got up and positioned herself on her back on my sofa, using the large footstool to rest her spread legs, one hand on a knee, the other touching a hip. I stood before her, aware that she was constantly staring at my cock. She probably wanted me to go down on her or wanted me to slide my cock into her and give her that “good, hard fucking” that she wrote of earlier in the week. I had other ideas.

“Show me all your toys,” I said, curious about what she had brought with.

Tech Titan leaned onto her side and grabbed her handbag, which I thought unusually large when she arrived. She reached into it and pulled out a large beige soft-fabric pouch that had bulges from what what was jammed inside. She loosened the draw-cord and tipped everything out onto the seat next to her.

A bizarre collection of vibrators, chains, assorted plastic-ware and other things I had no idea about fell noisily onto the sofa. I swallowed hard. What was all this shit?

I recognised the vibrators, one of which was purple and as large as my forearm. It looked like a Dalek from Dr Who, what with it’s ribs, lights and knobs. There was a tube of KY jelly. I made sense of what I realised were nipple clamps; I’d never seen those in real life. Ooh, kinky.

Then I saw it.

To be continued…