Second date shenanigans – Final part

Licking Pretty Teacher’s clit while fingering her g-spot leads to an explosive orgasm, the type that gives a woman a headache afterwards. I lie next to her while her panting subsides, cuddling her as normality returns. I just say nothing, happy that I’ve pleased her. Eventually she clears her throat and speaks.

“Wow. Nobody’s ever done anything like that before,” she says, her eyes still wide.

“Good,” is all I say.

“What would you like me to do for you?” she asks.

I love it when a woman says those words to me. It signifies so much, such as her being a caring, sharing type and imbued with a sense of fairness. It also hints at perhaps even being totally submissive to me now.

“I would absolutely love it if you were to undress me and kiss me all over,” is my answer.

Pretty Teacher goes about undressing me, taking her time too. I’m in no hurry and enjoy watching her, looking at her naked. There’s something momentous about seeing a new lover naked for the first time. Each woman is different and I appreciate that. I love the female form, with its nuances, softness and clever design. I love the way women move, especially if they are naturally elegant and graceful. Pretty Teacher has a girlish femininity about her that I like.

She starts kissing me around my face and slowly makes her way down my body, arriving at my waist where she had left my underpants on. Her kisses have had the time-honoured effect on me of causing an erection. It’s not my fullest, biggest boner, but it’s almost there.

Pretty Teacher is on her knees on the carpet before me, I’m lying back on the sofa. She slowly pulls my underwear off while she keeps her eyes glued to my genital region. As my cock is revealed I see her eyes go bigger. Even as she dispenses with the undies she still keeps her eyes on my cock. It’s as if she hasn’t ever seen one before. I wonder how many cocks she has played with?

Taking my shaft in one hand she just looks at my cock, taking in every detail. This is most unusual behaviour because no other woman has looked at it for so long. They usually take a second to have a good look then get to doing whatever the situation requires. Not Pretty Teacher though. She tries to hold it erect and grip it so that her thumb touches a finger on the other side, but she can’t. Then she lowers that hand to the base of the shaft and puts her other hand around the top half of the shaft. I’m starting to feel like a frog in a biology lab.

She expertly pulls my foreskin back, slowly puts my cock in her mouth and sucks gently and carefully on it. Pretty Teacher is happy to take her time with my cock in her mouth. She closes her eyes and lowers her head on to my dick, visibly savouring the feeling of it sliding in to and filling her mouth. She stops with her mouth almost full and, with her eyes still closed, sucks onto my cock with increasing force, holding everything still for a few moments. It feels good, very good. She releases the pressure and begins rocking her head up and down, at a very gentle, steady, considered pace. This is the slowest, most tender cock-sucking I have ever felt. She is clearly enjoying what she was doing.

“Do you like doing that?” I can’t help but ask, feeling a little foolish for doing so.

“Uh-huh” was all the sound she makes, without opening her eyes nor breaking the rhythm.

Keeping her eyes closed, she slowly, deliberately goes down on to my cock as deep as her mouth can take it, holds that position for a few seconds, then slowly draws her head up to the tip of my cock. All the while she maintains a steady suction around my shaft and swollen head. She pulls her lips around my head and brings them together in a kiss. She opens her eyes, looks at my cock for a few seconds, then closes her eyes again and runs her tongue up and down my shaft, as slowly as she can. It is as if she was worshipping my cock with her mouth. It is wonderful to see and feel. I never expected her to be like this.

“Oh yes! Finally, a woman who loves to suck cock” I say to myself, half in surprise, half in relief. I could be with her just for these kind of blowjobs. There’s a very real chance that I could cum soon, which is way too soon in the scheme of things, so it’s time to change position.

“Let’s swap angles,” I say, carefully guiding her mouth away from my cock by gently pushing back on her shoulders.

I stand up and gesture towards the sofa, to which she gets up, crawls onto the sofa, lies back and spreads her legs open for me, inviting me to fuck her, which is exactly what I have in mind. I position myself on top of her, my arms by her sides and slowly thrust my cock up into her pussy. My dick skids into her vagina, stopping briefly at a point of resistance before progressing on toward the next moment of resistance. This happens four times until I’m totally in her. I slowly move my hips backwards and forwards and after a minute she’s very wet and slippery.

Her hands lay either side of her head, my forearms were now underneath her knees, which I had now raised towards her face. If she lifted her fingers slightly she could touch her toes. That was the position I had bent her into as I rammed my cock into her. With every deep thrust into her pussy, she lets out an involuntary gasp of air. Our eyes are locked on each other, her face relaxed and showing contentment. She was enjoying this and doesn’t say a word. Her pussy feels quite tight and I surmise that it had been a while since she had been fucked.

Is this what she was wanting first and foremost? Was it her horny point of the month? Is this why she made no attempt to leave, because she was hoping for this? These were the thoughts that came into my mind as I mechanically and animalistically fucked her in that position for a few minutes. We didn’t speak and she closed her eyes, totally submissive and obviously content.

I enjoy watching a woman’s breast heave and wobble like a molded jelly when I repeatedly force my cock in to her pussy. There is something about watching the nipple move, like a boat on the crest of a wave, helpless and having no choice but to go along with the greater force under it, moving it. Watching the breast return to its original position and shape, only for the motion to be repeated, is fun. Each time the breast resumes its position it flies upwards towards her face and then can’t help but fall back to it’s starting point. The bigger a girl’s breasts, the more I enjoy the sight. If large, the breast heads towards her belly, then tries to spring back to its starting point. This flexing and stretching is probably a major contributor to a large pair of breasts going saggy in later life.

Pretty Teacher’s breasts are a B-cup at best, but they are of a good density, shape and not saggy at all. They were small, but good. She looked so pretty, lying there with her eyes closed and a happy little smile on her face. Knowing that I was pleasing her warmed my heart…and probably sent a little extra blood to my cock. I was getting closer to cumming; it’s decision time and I almost always let the woman decide because it’s usually a surprise what their preference is.

“Where do you want my cum?” I ask.

“I want to swallow your cum,” she replies which, like I was expecting, surprises me.

She certainly has an oral fixation going on, I muse to myself as we swap positions again. I’m on my back on the sofa while she straddles me diagonally across the large footstool that so many other women have balanced themselves on. I watch Pretty Teacher pull her blonde hair back behind her ears, tidying up before going down. She quickly takes my cock in her mouth and starts rhythmically moving her head up and down on it. She close her eyes and just keeps going, as if it is the most important thing she has ever done. Her enthusiasm for oral sex is amazing, it’s as if it is the thing that she craves the most.

By now most other women would be complaining that their jaw hurts, but not Pretty Teacher. Oh no, she keeps going like a machine doing what it is designed to do. I watch as her head bobs up and down on my cock, but it’s her bouncy little titties that catch my eye. They’re like cheerleaders spurring her on, moving in time with her, nipples erect and very red. I wonder how she likes the taste of her own pussy juices? I do think of the strangest things at times like this.

Seconds later my man juices gallop out of their starting gate and speed up the track towards the winning post, Pretty Teacher’s mouth. My cum squirts into her mouth but you’d never know it from her actions because she just keeps on going. She lets off a sound of satisfaction as my cum stops flowing and she slows down her speed. Slowly her mouth draws back to the top of my cock, again she kisses the top of it before finally letting go.

Pretty Teacher slumps down on the sofa next to me and I wrap my arms around her.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know you,” I said, speaking from the head and heart at the same time for once.

She smiles and nuzzles up against me, saying nothing.

I don’t know if what we just did was the right thing to do, but one thing is for certain, I could become addicted to her oral skills.

Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love

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      1. Just a guess, but I don’t see someone like her with you. She doesn’t seem like a type that would keep you interested in a long run, she’s too superficial in my opinion. I hope she proves me wrong though. (:

  1. Is your exgf out of the picture forever now? I thought there’d be some outburst from her whenever it ended and I assumed it would be you to end it completely at some point.

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