Urgent sex

I know she won’t be on the scene for long so I have a small window of opportunity to do as I please with her. I especially want to get video footage of me fucking her in the arse; images to complement my memories of our only anal encounter. Pretty Teacher’s bewildering attitude on our last date has left me in a tailspin where she is concerned. It feels like we’ve hit an invisible wall, so indulging in the best sex I’ve ever known is relatively guilt-free, a bit like a diet cola.

At 9am Krazy Girl is at my front door. She is very well dressed, wearing heavy make-up, as if she is going to a job interview. Is that the lie she told her parents so that she can use her father’s car so early in the morning? Probably, but it doesn’t matter, because she is here to get her holes drilled by my cock and I’m looking forward to obliging her. She is still the best fuck of my life, so I know it’s going to be good.

We greet politely, but no kiss. She comes inside as if she belongs in my home, takes her jacket off and goes to my hallway cupboard where my Winter gear is kept. She remembers well and in a very familiar fashion, as if she has done it countless times, hangs her jacket up. As she does this I’m looking at her body, noticing that she seems to have put some weight on. Her tits are going to be even bigger than before, more than an e-cup now, I think to myself. I know not to get into a serious conversation with her because all I’ll get in return is emotional vomit.

Krazy Girl starts saying something trivial as I step forward to give her one of my slow, gentle kisses that make her knees go weak and her pussy get wet. I cup her face with my hands and keep my lips on hers, as gently as I can, teasing with them, waiting for her to start using her tongue which I know is the signal that she is getting turned on.

She really is horny because it is only a matter of seconds before her slippery little tongue is in my mouth, searching for my tongue. I feel her body rise as she stands on the tips of her toes, our tongues entwining, her breathing growing faster, faster than my cock is hardening. I had almost forgotten how our kissing turned even me on, almost as much as it did her. It’s rare for kisses to have that effect on me.

I drop my hands from her face and slide them down her body, being careful not to touch her breasts. As much as she likes me playing with them, I wanted to build the anticipation in her body, even in excess of what is obvioulsy already there. She can’t have been fucked in a while, given the noises she is letting off, but I have no doubt that a horny little slut like her has been with at least one other guy after me, if not more. She needs sex more than I do; I’ve never met a woman with a sex-drive like hers.

Perhaps since me she has taken on two or more cocks at once – taking a ‘dp’ (double penetration), one cock in her pussy and another in her arse at the same time. Perhaps she had been ‘airtight’ – a ‘dp’ with a third cock in her mouth. I could just see her saying “naughty”, her code word for enjoyment, as all three cocks started cumming in all her holes at the same time. Yes, she’d enjoy that, feeling hot cum in her mouth, pussy and arse at the same time, as it started to drip out, especially out of her gaping arse. The arse that I already had once before the pleasure of fucking until she couldn’t take it any more.

Her innocent Good-Girl routine doesn’t impress me any more, I know what she’s about. I’m not labouring under any illusion that this is the start of a new romantic liaison between us; this is just sex. Frenetic, impulsive, unfettered, urgent sex. That’s all she wants and that’s all she has to offer. In her current emotional state it’s all she’s good for.

In the blink of an eye we’re in my lounge. Krazy Girl is on her haunches, her back is resting against the rear of my sofa and my cock is in her mouth. I’ve never seen a woman get my cock out and start sucking on it so quickly. Has she been thinking about this moment?

“Have you missed my cock?” I ask.

“Yes, and this time I’m not trading him in,” she says before swallowing as much of my cock as her mouth can take.

That remark confirms to me that earlier in the year, when we had first met, there was another man on the scene and she chose to run with him. The truth always comes out, usually at the worst opportune time and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. Krazy Girl is such a fool, but for the next little while, she’s my fool.

“Lie on the sofa,” she instructs.

It’s not normal in my world for a woman to take the lead in the proverbial bedroom, but with Krazy Girl I don’t mind because I’m keen and curious to know what she has planned. For a woman ten years my junior she has skills, skills that I don’t want to think about how and where she got them.

I do as I’m told while Krazy Girl stands in front me, undressing herself with an almost evil look on her face. A disturbingly demonic look in her eyes makes me wonder what she’s thinking. She strips down to a sultry black bra and panties with suspenders holding her black pantihose just above the knee. She looks stunning. She is easily the most sensual, desirable woman I have ever seen in the flesh. Yes, she’s carrying a bit more weight than six months ago when I last fucked her, but she’s still totally sexy!

“Wait, I want to film this,” I say, beginning to get up, my cock flopping out of my trousers.

“No, we’re not doing anything like that! You just lie back!” she barks.

I’m not about to get into an argument when I have all this on offer. I know what’s good for me, so I lie back. I have to forget about videoing anything; my memory will have to suffice.

Krazy Girl pulls her panties aside as she straddles me, slowly lowering her pussy onto my cock that she expertly grabs. She’s still got that strange look in her eyes, as if this is the most important thing she has ever done. Her pussy is gloriously warm and wet as she slides onto my dick. She lets off a satisfied gasp and throws her head back. Krazy Girl closes her eyes, swallows hard, then raises her head and looks me in the eye again. Slowly she starts lifting and lowering herself onto my cock, biting her lower lip painfully as she does so.

We don’t talk because we don’t need to; our bodies are doing the talking. I decide to let my fingers do the walking, so I reach up and pull her bra straps down onto her puny biceps. I let them dangle there for a moment as I take in the sight that is Krazy Girl enthralled on my cock. She was dickmatized: only interested in what my cock could do for her. Anything I said or did would be irrelevant or irritating. All she wants is my cock. It’s as simple as that.

I reach up and pull her bra-cups down, letting her perfect breasts tumble out. Cupping them with my warm hands makes Krazy Girl let off an approving sound. It is chilly November and I am unusually warm-blooded; several women have enjoyed sleeping next to me…so that they can defrost their feet.

Krazy girl starts speeding up her motion and lowers herself totally onto my crotch area. I’m still fully dressed, how is my belt and zipper not hurting her? Maybe they are and she likes it? She does have a pleasure-pain thing going on in that mixed up head of hers. She grinds her pussy down onto me, letting my cock fill her up. Again she closes her eyes in satisfaction.

A little over a week ago Pretty Teacher and I were fucking on this fabric sofa. I haven’t had a chance to wash the covers yet. Will Krazy Girl notice any hint of my cum and another woman’s pussy juices? I surreptitiously start scanning for stains on the material. What if she notices some? Is there a smell?

“Take me on the floor,” she suddenly says, getting up off me.

I have a mixed feeling of relief from the stains now becoming a non-issue while at the same time experiencing a sense of deja vu. The very first time Krazy Girl and I got intimate involved us doing it on the floor. I’m not going to quibble. Carpet burns is a small price to pay for the best lay ever.

In a split second I quickly undress and we’re on the floor making the beast with two backs. What is it about women loving having me on top of them? They must like how it feels. In Krazy Girl’s case I think it’s the yin-yang of domination followed by submission. She wants to feel all powerful at first, but then secretly wants to be overpowered. I wonder if she has rape fantasies? I’ll ask some other time, if there ever is one.

There is no better way to put this: our bodies were made for each other. She feels perfect. She looks perfect. Such a damn shame that she’s all messed up in the head and heart. We could have been so good together. I don’t think there’s enough time to fix what might never be fixable. Lusty Lass is still prattling on about her divorce five years after the fact, but her ex-husband was nowhere near as much a mean bastard as Krazy Girl’s was. Her damage might be lasting the rest of her life.

I can feel that I’m getting closer to cumming; it’s way too soon. I pull out of her and start playing with her clit and g-spot. Her eyes are wide in disbelief at what I’m making her feel. Her pussy is tight and I surmise that she hasn’t been fucked in a while. Fuckit, I have to know and I don’t care if she gets upset. I’m not counting on seeing her again after today.

“When last did you have a cock in you?” I ask.

“I saw someone briefly in July,” she answers instantly.

I don’t believe her. She likes sex too much. There’s no way she can go months without it. That’s when it dawns on me that I’m in danger again by fucking her without a condom. One of these days I’m going to pay the price for that.

Krazy Girl starts to writhe and squirm on my lounge floor. Her g-spot has swollen and her pussy is a fountain of lubricating juices. She’s getting closer to cumming. I keep making that ‘come hither’ motion with my finger on her g-spot while running two fingers up and down either side of her clitoris with my other hand. The latter move is, as I discovered earlier in the year, what slowly sends her over the edge.

There’s a series of squelching sounds before ‘squirt-squirt-squirt’ as she ejaculates into the palm of my hand that is fingering her g-spot. She lets off a mixture of a screaming orgasm, a shocked gasp and a sound of embarrassment. I’ve never had a woman have a strong squirting orgasm like that before…and it’s fabulous.

I go wash my hands in the bathroom and return to her. Krazy Girl is still sprawled on the floor, in a daze of sorts. She looks lovely lying there like that, all feminine and vulnerable..and totally fuckable. I bend over, slide my arms under her and pick her up. She instinctively throws her arms around my neck and shoulders, just like Delicate Flower did when I bedded her.

I’m getting too old for carpet burns and cleaning semen off my rugs; to the bedroom I take her. Lying on top of her, my cock buried deep in her pussy, pressing against her cervix, feels like where I belong. I do as Mother Nature intended and, I must confess, I don’t give a damn what Krazy Girl is thinking or feeling. I can’t allow myself the dangerous luxury of becoming emotionally connected to her. I’ve been down that road with her and it’s the Highway to Emotional Hell. I try to learn from my mistakes, after all, they are lessons in disguise. There really is no need to pay twice unless you like the learning part so much.

It doesn’t take too long before I have to cum. I manage to pull out just in time and feed my cock to Krazy Girl who happily swallows my load. She has never shown any resistance to swallowing my cum and I think she might even look forward to it. Does it make her feel used and powerless? Is this act an emotional release for her?

We lie cuddling without speaking for what feels like a blissful eternity before she gets up and goes to the bathroom, grabbing her handbag left in the hallway. She returns a few minutes later, all dressed with her smudged make-up rectified. Only then do I realize that it is approaching noon. Fucking time flies by.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve got to dash,” she says.

“If you wait a minute I’ll get dressed and walk you to your car,” I say.

“No, there’s no need. I know my way out,” she replies and leaves, pulling the front door closed behind her.

As quickly as she had arrived, devoid of pleasantries or chit-chat, she departed.

I don’t expect to hear from her again…unless her need is urgent.

Foreigner – Urgent

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  1. mmmm that feeling is delicious…when two bodies were made for one another. This perspective is interesting from you. I think women can have emotionless sex but it comes at a cost. We usually feel dirty afterwards or as though we have done something wrong…that’s what society has taught us to feel anyway. But you seem to embrace it even though it’s someone you use to love/lust for. Very interesting indeed.

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