Password request

My latest and possibly final post is password protected.

I have had to do this because of there being so many new arrivals at what is the tail-end of my story, my journey, my odyssey. I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise ending of my saga by having this post being one of the first things a reader sees. I hope that you understand?

In order to read this post you need the password. All you have to do is to send me an email with ‘password’ as the subject header.

Please email me on: greyknight [at] meanddating [dot] com

I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

Thank you for following my story, I appreciate it. I hope that you’ve enjoyed it.

11 thoughts on “Password request”

  1. I’m dying in suspense- sent you an email on Friday. I know I’m a lurker and have never commented but it’s a total cliffhanger for me this weekend!

  2. It would be nice if you had your ex -the sneaky liar ( sorry to judge but I can’t help it) meet your new lady and write about that or just what your ex thinks of the new love. Though, living well is the best way to move forward. Nevermind

    1. I like your thinking. It smacks of revenge and malice.

      However, my Exgf is a stone-cold psychopath who only acts out of self-interest. I still hope to get my money back from the house one day.

  3. Hey – I wanted to hear her dark heart twist but only for half of a second. That energy is best spent as an investment for growth and positivity. I sound like a Californian there. Irregardless, it’s still true. I’ll just never grasp lying and spying like she did for years. Thank any and every God that you got away.

    1. You’re evil. I like that.

      She did as she did because she is as she is…fundamentally dishonest. She was/is always looking for other people to be playing tricks on her, mislead her, because that is her perception of the world. The continuous belief that there is always some kind of conspiracy is also in keep with how psychopaths see the world, usually because they are always scheming.

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