Do you know this person?

I’m toying with the idea of getting my story to the mass-market of readers who don’t follow blogs. My first choice outlet is conventional book format, but failing that I’m prepared to pursue the ebook format, self-publishing if I can’t find someone who shares my vision and can help make it happen. I’m looking for that one person who might be a literary agent or perhaps even a publisher who might be interested in what I have written.

Do you know such a person?

Apart from that I’d welcome any ideas, tips or criticism of what I have written that you care to share with me. The more brutally honest the better.

I think my story archetypical of the modern dating scene and others might benefit from my experience. Many of you have written to me privately voicing your thoughts about finding love via online dating and how my blog has helped them. I’d like to keep this positive momentum going and maybe even get back some of the money I’ve spent on bad dates.

Feel free to drop me a message on: greyknight [at] meanddating [dot] com

Thank you, I’ve appreciated every single comment I’ve ever received. Yours will be no different.

10 thoughts on “Do you know this person?”

    1. Yes. I have several non-fiction ebooks out there, but they are quite niche.

      This story has broad market appeal as it transcends genders and age groups.

      How best to reach that market is my challenge.

  1. I think your book WILL be a best seller. Have you looked at literary journals/magazines to get ideas? You probably have since you are no dummy. Anyways, I was at my library a few months ago and was looking through one and it suggested what literary agents to contact based on what you write…
    And as others have said, your story gives me hope that I will one day meet the love of my life…and to not give up on online dating. =)

    1. Thanks Lisa.

      Of course I have looked into those avenues, but like anything else in life, if you do what other people do then you get what other people get.

      I’m looking for an edge, a gimmick, a shortcut even, that propels me to the front of the queue competing for publisher’s eyeballs. I don’t want to be another victim of the slush-pile.

      It was never my intention, but I see that my story is motivational to some people. I’m glad that my saga has had that effect.

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