Which do you prefer?

Hello dear reader. I have some interesting news for you.

I’ve been re-writing the first third of my dating diaries into the first person. I’ve done this because I think it makes for a more exciting, better read. My memory has also brought up some undisclosed tidbits that I’ve added in. This first volume of three is nearing readiness for publication.

I spent time contacting agents and publishers, but to no avail. Nobody is interested in publishing a story of 450k words, not even if you’re an established author. I have no choice but to go the self-publishing route.

I’ll start off on Kindle, see how it goes then market on the other platforms. I’ll give you advance warning of when I’m launching because for the first week I’ll make it free so that you can grab a copy (and hopefully leave a helpful review).

Right now my most immediate obstacle is the all-important ebook cover. I’ve created a few variants and need to make sure that I’m going with the right one.

I’d love to have your input as to which one you prefer.

A simple “A”, “B”, etc in the comments below will suffice.

No cover is the finished product, so if you have a suggestion, then I’m all ears.

If you wish to be more elaborate then I’m keen to know your thoughts (not just about the cover but self-publishing and marketing) on greyknight@meanddating.com

So, which of these covers do you prefer?

A – From Bags to Bitches
B – Me, dating & love
C – Me and Dating
D – From Bags to Bitches
E – Did I date you?
F – Me dating love
G – Man dates love

5 thoughts on “Which do you prefer?”

  1. Honestly, none of them are a standout to me, maybe because they’re quite stark and plain – and also, I don’t know whether it’s intentional or not but you’ve given the eventual ending to the story away on every cover/option (except the first one) – ‘how one man eventually found love’ etc.

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