It’s ready for you

Hey, my Kindle book about my dating adventures is ready for you.

It’s called “Did I date you?” and it’s out now. It’s my quest told from the beginning, but now told in first person so it’s a more exciting read and comes with some new juicy bits added. Why not buy it and have an enjoyable read?

If not, then I’d appreciate it if you shared this with your friends so that my story can entertain even more people.

Thank you.

Here’s the link for your preferred Amazon site:





3 thoughts on “It’s ready for you”

    1. Hi Ann

      Protected posts require a password. I’ve had to protect most of my posts because they’re in the book. Which posts are you interested in? Drop me an email to let me know.

    2. Nice to see you again Ann. I used to be able to see your blog. Is there a way I still can, unless you’ve decided on a preferred audience?

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