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My name doesn’t matter. Think of me as The Grey Knight.

At the age of 35 I got divorced after an almost 15 year relationship. This was too quickly followed by another relationship that lasted just over 5 years. In July 2012, having only had two relationships and hardly ever dated, I decided to hit the dating scene in and around London, England…in search of love.

If you want to experience dating from a man’s perspective, here’s your chance.

I didn’t know where this runaway roller-coaster would take me, but I know where it began. I had no intention to do the things I’ve done…things you can’t imagine. Try not to judge me until you’ve read my entire journey.

Everything I post here is my copyright…and true.

This is my story…

If you would like to email me, pray do so via:  greyknight [at] me and dating [dot] com

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21 thoughts on “About Me”

          1. Thank you in return! I am new at this, and only just getting started, but I absolutely detest deceit, and if I have to be a soldier of one, I’m going to lead the charge of the Truth Brigade. 🙂

  1. I’ve found myself en-captured in your blog entries… I could lose myself in each one. I end up with goosebumps, a heavier heartbeat and deeper breathing with each line sometimes. Anticipating each new post…thank you for that

  2. ok, but don’t choose sites that are free, cause paying helps you weed out the crazy creeper who lives at her mother’s basement at 39. Not much better but it’s a start.

  3. I just came across your blog and I love it, I look very forward to reading more. We have a lot of similarities. I just got divorced and I am 35. I honestly don’t know how to move forward and start dating. I am scared shitless.

    1. You have much to be fearful of, mostly your own ignorance. Read all my dating experiences and especially the ‘Lessons Learned’ after each woman I met and you should be okay.

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