Tower Hill Tube Station - where I meet my dates.

Tower Hill Tube Station – where I usually meet my dates.

Dickens Inn at St. Katharine Dock - where I take my dates.

Dickens Inn at St. Katharine Dock – where I usually take my dates.

Do you like chicken? - ake a wing

This is the sight that greets my date as I turn to her, offering my arm and saying, “Do you like chicken? Then take a wing.” It’s a test of her sense of humour and a quick way of finding out if she fancies me.

Not a selfie

I’ve learned that the vast majority of women are hoping for a knight in shining armour to rescue them from their lives. So here I am. I tell you, it’s not easy taking a selfie in that gear. Anyone who has complained of a bad-hair-day has never known helmet-hair.

Tower Bridge view

This is the view my date sees as we walk across Tower Bridge, usually on our way to the Southbank to enjoy a drink together. Once suitably inebriated, I then take advantage of her chattiness and get to find out what her true motives are.

Winter dusk

Even during Winter the Southbank provides a romantic setting to wine and dine a date. It amazes me that every time I stroll along there, chatting to a date, that it’s a different experience every time, largely because of the human traffic and performers that make it special.


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  1. My thoughts are…you’re thoughts are entertaining and they feel real. You’re funny and I honestly hope you find a fitting woman who does it for you.

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