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I hadn’t planned to see The Cockaholic on the Friday, for fear of wanting to seem too keen. However, I actually wanted to see her before she went away on holiday with her mother. I like being with her, she is lively and fun…and very keen to please in bed. I text an innocuous message to her at lunchtime and we both confess to wondering what the other was doing that night. It doesn’t take long for us to agree to meet up that night.

I go to The Cockaholic’s place for the first time and it’s so much nicer than mine, as I expected. Bless her for not being disappointed by my dump. She makes us a pizza that she specially went to the shops to buy. She also bought ciders for me and South African wines for her.

After dinner she produces a photo album that her mother had made for her fortieth birthday which has dozens of pictures of her through the years. As a teenager and young woman she was exceptionally attractive, but in some of the photos I noticed how flat-chested she was. She was a small a-cup then and is now a good b-cup.

We chat amiably and before long we’re kissing on her sofa. Suddenly she jumps up and goes to the kitchen, returning with an unopened tub of clotted cream. I remember asking her on the Monday night if she had ever eaten food off somebody or had food eaten off her and the answer was in the negative.

She undresses me and asks me to lie down on her sofa. She starts sucking on my cock for a little while before opening the tub of clotted cream and smearing it over the head of my cock before eagerly licking and sucking it off. She remains fully clothed and continues doing this to me for more than an hour.

She’s a cockaholic and just can’t stop sucking my cock. It’s pleasant, sweet and disturbing all at the same time. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. It’s as if she is obsessed with my cock or perhaps penises in general. I bet she sees cocks in the unlikeliest of places.

Cock recipes
Cock recipes
Cock cloud
Cock cloud
Cock sundae
Cock sundae
Cock chandelier
Cock chandelier
Cock fruit
Cock fruit
Penile building
Penile building
Penile sign
Penile sign
Cocky food
Cocky food
Penis-shaped building
Penis-shaped building
Cock cake
Cock cake
Penis pizza
Penis pizza
Penis weather
Penis weather

We go to her bedroom where I lick and suck her clit while fingering her g-spot with two fingers in her pussy. Just like on Monday night she has an almighty orgasm that leaves her shaking and trembling. I cuddle her and it feels good. She’s almost in an euphoric state, eventually recovers, swallows hard and breaths normally again. Only a handful of women have reacted so well to my touch.

Without my saying a word she starts sucking on me again and barely stops to take my cock out of her mouth for at least an hour again. She’s unbelievable, but I’m not complaining. Eventually I cum in her mouth and she just keeps on sucking away like nothing was happening. She’s more than happy to swallow my cum and even sucks and licks tenderly long after I’ve cum. Either my cock is her obsession or my pleasure and contentment is important to her; perhaps both.

We eventually switch the lights off well after 1am and it feels like minutes before we’re both awake again. It’s just after 7am and sirens from the main road outside have woken us. Almost instantly she starts sucking on my cock again! We’ve hardly said a word to each other; she is keen to please. Again I cum in her mouth, but I hurry it up this time because she has a hair appointment to get to. I think with her there will always be time for a blowie.

There is always time for a blowie!
There is always time for a blowie!

The next day, Sunday, she goes off to Spain for a week to go holiday-house hunting with her mother. I spend the same afternoon with The Saffa, intending to break up with her, but I’ll tell you what happened there in a little while.

Over the course of the week The Cockaholic and I swap messages via WhatsApp, all pretty generic and low-key. On Thursday I suggest that we get together on Sunday. I’ll make a curry and get other Indian snacks; she agrees excitedly. I’m pleased by her response and I’m looking forward to seeing her.

Then at 6am on the Friday morning my Trust Demon wakes me. My immediate thought is that she had sent me photos of where she had been in Spain, but none of her and her mother. So I send her a WhatsApp message, wishing her a good day…and asking that she send me a selfie of her and her mother together. She sees my message minutes later, but uncharacteristically doesn’t respond. In the evening she sends me two separate pictures: one of just herself and another one of her mother with an unknown woman.

I download these and analyse them. The properties of the photo of her mother was taken at a very large resolution size and the previous day, but her other pictures she sent me during the week were all taken at a smaller size, while the one of just her was taken at a very small size, also on another day. This indicates that a different camera or phone was used on each of them. Hmmm….I wonder who she really was with in Spain.

My Trust Demon spins furiously in his cage.

Animotion – Obsession

All-over body orgasm

It’s an October Monday morning and I text message The Cockaholic, suggesting that she come over for a spicy risotto and Californication in the evening. She jumps at it. I think she’s a bit of an adrenaline junkie and loves the rush of excitement, something I think I can provide in spades. I’m looking forward to seeing her.

I find myself wondering if I’m addicted to the spike of adrenaline of first dates, of the getting-to-know-you phase. I’m inclined to say ‘no’ because I spent six months with Busty Blonde and it was such an easy relationship with her. I kind of miss that now after not even two months of The Saffa who is increasingly becoming hard work. I’m starting to think of her as a Drama Queen; she just has to have drama in her life.

The Cockaholic arrives early, which I take as a good sign: she’s keen. We have the spicy risotto I made, then sit side-by-side on my sofa to watch another two episodes of Californication which, I suspect, has the effect of making her frisky. Little more than two hours after arriving she is sucking on my cock and loving it. I have never seen such a happy, enthusiastic cock-sucker before.

I ask her, “have you been looking forward to doing this?”

“I’ve been thinking about it all day,” she says, momentarily taking my cock out of her mouth, but then adds, “I’ve been thinking about something else all day too.”

“Oh, what other people call fantasies you call plans?”

The Cockaholic bursts into laughter, keeping my cock in her mouth as she does so. It’s a strangely pleasant sensation having a woman laughing onto and all around my cock.

“So do you want to tell me what it is you want, or do you just want to show me?” I coax.

She stops fellatio and gets up to straddle me cowgirl style. It feels good to me; she’s not overweight and thus crushing my cock, so my erection can last forever. Within minutes she has made herself cum by riding my cock. I enjoy watching her face convulse in pleasure.

I give it a few minutes, then I start kissing her all over, ending up between her legs, softly licking her clit. After a couple of minutes of this she’s totally relaxed, so I slide an index finger into her pussy, first pulling down, then turning it upward to stroke her g-spot. After a few more minutes I slide my middle finger in too and both fingers are rubbing her g-spot as she moans in pleasure. She keeps her hands above her head on my sofa cushions and it seems as if she is in ecstasy as I lick her clit and finger her g-spot. My tongue tires and I sit upright to rub her clit with my other hand’s thumb. Her pussy starts squelching and occasionally squirting juices into my hand. Not since Krazy Girl a year ago have I felt a woman do that. Eventually she cums, arching her back while hiding her face into a cushion as she screams.

I find it amazing to have such an experience with a woman. The sights, sounds and smells overpower me. The naked honesty of the moment entrances me.

She lies panting, I let go of her bits and climb on top of her to cuddle and warm her. I can feel her body shaking under me. Eventually she speaks.

“I think I just had an all-over body orgasm,” she says, swallowing hard.

After a few minutes of blissful silence conversation turns at my behest to the unpleasantly practical issue of contraception. Something has been niggling at the back of my brain.

The Cockaholic now tells me that she’s on the injection contraceptive, the one where she has no periods and needs a recharge every three months. I also remember her telling me on Friday night that she hasn’t had sex in two years, but had herself tested at a STD clinic four weeks earlier. Why would someone who hasn’t had sex in 2 years be on the injection and have herself tested? Hmmm…I smell bullshit. My ever-alert Trust Demon opens an eye and raises a suspicious eyebrow. He snorts in contempt at her story.

Is my initial supposition correct in that she was on Tinder intending to go on a sexual rampage, part of exorcising her own demons, making her feel like a powerful, desirable woman? I see this as part of my attraction to her, this trying to decipher her motives, learning more about womankind through her.

Without me saying a word The Cockaholic starts kissing me all over. She’s obviously an unselfish lover, a Giver even and this pleases me.

Her kisses feel like a butterfly landing on my skin as she works her way down my body. I’ve been looking forward to experiencing her sucking my cock, hoping it’s as good as I remember.

The Cockaholic’s tongue slides up and down the shaft of my penis, then she glides it down onto my balls, using the smooth underside of her tongue to elicit pleasure in them. Jeezus, she really knows what she’s doing!

She keeps her tongue moving and down to my perineum she goes, twirling and swirling her tongue over it. No woman has done that before. Where did she learn these moves? Cosmo, porn movies or a really instructive ex-lover? Or is she a natural? Just how many ice-creams has she practised on?

I look down at her and see that she’s in a trance-like state. Anything can happen now.

Entranced blowjob.
Entranced blowjob.

Her tongue is flailing about like that of a possessed demonic goat.

Gotta lick it!
Gotta lick it!

Suddenly her tongue drops lower and she starts drawing circles around my anus. Only my Exgf has given me a rim-job before and that was long ago, so it feels good. The circles become smaller…

Hang on, she’s not going to do what I think she’s going to do?…


She’s licking my arse!

Holy shit! That’s so unhygienic!

Yet it feels so good…

Oh my god!

She’s just stuck the tip of her tongue into my arse!

Emotionally I’m horrified, but physically not so much. In fact, I like it, so I relax.

The Cockaholic pushes her tongue deeper into my arse and she starts making snorting sounds of satisfaction, akin to a pig.

Wow! Should I rename her The Ass-licker?

She continues pushing and pulling her tongue in and out of my arse for about a minute. I think she’s enjoys doing it more than I enjoy receiving it. I lie in stunned fascination, my brain is racing.

Is this some kind of emotional release coming to the surface in her? A high-pressured job demands an extreme release of energy for her to unwind?

“Do you like doing that?” I ask, knowing it’s a stupid and obvious question, but it’s the answer that matters.

“Uh-huh. I love it,” she answers, momentarily leave my arse alone before resuming her pig-finding-a-truffle-in-my-arse routine.

My, my, my, what a kinky little thing you are. I wonder what delicious naughtiness we can get up to together? I wish I had filmed this; I could watch it repeatedly.

Without any hint of a change to come The Cockaholic pulls away from my anus and almost instantly latches on my cock which is losing its erection because of the shock of what she has been doing. Most of the blood in there has rushed to my brain and botty.

Ugh, her mouth must be coated in faecal bacteria and now she’s spreading it on my precious manhood!

This cannot be! I don’t want to spend my nights in the shower scrubbing my phallus raw like I did after the anal sex episodes with Krazy Girl and Tech Titan. This Grey Knight must arise and put matters right by mounting this damsel with the dirty mouth!

I get up off the sofa, leaving her on all fours on the trusty footstool. She doesn’t move, I think she knows what I’m about to do. She knows to stay in position for doggy-style. Such a well-trained ass-licking cock-sucker.

My semi-flaccid cock easily slides into her slippery pussy. Some women in their early forties start experiencing lubrication problems, but not this one. After several mighty thrusts of my lance blood floods its chambers and turgidity returns.

“Oh, yes, that’s it, fuck me!” she mutters.

I love it when women tell me things like that, but it’s starting to amuse and puzzle me that they generally say the same things, like she did right now. Ho-hum, mustn’t tarry or quibble, there’s fucking to be done.

Earlier I had turned the lights down low as we got comfy on my sofa. Soft lighting usually leads to hard fucking. I knew this even back when there was that close call with Baltic Babe, that time when she turned the lights down low. A dormant sense of anger is evoked by the memories of her and my hips speed up. I’ll be cumming soon.

“Where do you want my cum?” I ask. It’s only polite to ask.

“In my pussy,” she wheezes back.

I reckon it’s safe to do so, I believe her contraception claims, but a little impetus to get me over the line is needed.

My thumb finds its way to my mouth and I suck on it for a few seconds. How will she react to being on The Hook this time? Will she rear up and lurch away like Busty Czech did? Or will she enjoy it like every other woman has?

Slowly and smoothly my thumb slides up her bum. She doesn’t make a sound nor does she move as my hips keep ramming my fat cock into her. Yes, she likes this. I’m now thinking that she has an anal fetish thing going on given what she did to my arse with her tongue.

Oh yes, the bum bacteria that she slobbered onto my cock is now coating her vagina. This high-flying, yuppie career woman with the expensive sports car likes it dirty!

I lean my head over to one side, hoping to catch a glimpse of her tits bouncing around as I fuck her, but they’re barely moving, just the slight shake of a mound of jelly. Now I’m sure her boobies are fake. Right now that doesn’t matter because my balls have just tightened.

With a back-arching spasm I blast a day’s worth of sperm into her, but the build-up has been so good that it feels like several day’s worth. I wonder if a woman can tell from the sensation of the cum in her pussy just how many days worth the load is? Answers in an email please…

My hips keep rocking and The Cockaholic is making ‘mmm’ sounds that indicate approval. Most women seem to like the feeling of sperm in them, but some don’t. I wonder if it’s an emotional thing more than anything else?

Never mind that, this was a good orgasm.

Sex with The Saffa has degenerated into angry sex, which is not my favourite kind, but doing it with The Cockaholic feels sweet, it feels right.

She spends the night and I’m in heaven. We talk for ages again and again I enjoy talking to her. She finds me funny and we laugh a lot. We both feel good. I’m looking forward to seeing her again.

In my Triangle of Temptation (personality, face or breasts) she has personality. I don’t find her face off-putting, it’s just that I’m not enthralled. I can’t just stare at her face and derive pleasure from that, not like I could with The Model and Krazy Girl. I’m now convinced her breasts are fake, but that isn’t a problem to me, which surprises me. How I feel when I’m with her counts for more. Of course her ability to suck a golf ball through a hosepipe matters too.

The Cockaholic having a kinky streak I find interesting. How did it come about? Will she share some of her sexual history with me? I’m really curious, but it’s a rare woman who’ll share that kind of information. I’d love to know what she’s feeling when she’s having sex or how it feels to her being on The Hook or licking my arse. What are her other fantasies? What is she looking for?

I guess the Eurythmics were right: some of them want to get used and some want to be abused. Yes, everybody is looking for something. We’re all pursuing a sweet dream or two.

What are hers?

Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This )

Cock-eyed Brazilian – Part 2

I’m stunned by The Brazilian riding me like this. No woman has ever been this brazen with me before. Yes, Krazy Girl comes close on our first time, but this exceeds that encounter in terms of audacity. Is The Brazilian a slut, really horny or totally into me? Maybe all three? I feel my cock growing and as it does so she grinds down harder onto it. She’s looking me straight in the eyes as she does so, a lustful look in her eyes. Damn, she’s hot and in more ways than one. I pull her t-shirt up over her head and fling it to one side. Her breasts are squashed into a pink bra and they look amazing. She pulls her elbows in closer together that makes her tits look even bigger. That little act of extra naughtiness does something for her and she throws her head back, letting off an anguished gust of breath.

There’s no stopping this steam-roller now; I have to fuck her. She’ll be so upset and feel rejected if I stop this scene. I hope that this doesn’t jeopardise our chances for a relationship. Oh well, got to hope for the best and make the most of this situation.

I start fiddling with the back of her bra, but she interjects.

“Let’s go to the bedroom” she says.

I love it when a woman says those words. I’m happy to do it anywhere, location doesn’t really matter to me. Sometimes the more dangerous the setting the better the fucking. No, I love those words because of the intent, the desire that resides behind them. The woman before me uttering those sacred words has dropped all her inhibitions, shelved any pretence and wants me to fuck her, usually hard and fast and almost always doggy-style.

Without ceremony or further discussion The Brazilian gets up off me, steps onto the floor, turns her back without making eye contact and strides to the bedroom across the way. I follow like a salivating trophy dog on a leash. A king-size bed dominates the room while unpacked boxes loiter on the periphery. The Brazilian drops the rest of her clothes onto the floor, depriving me of the pleasure of undressing her. Still with her back turned to me she climbs onto the bed and flops herself over onto her back.

She puts her wrists up alongside her head and slowly opens her legs, explicitly, daringly showing me her vagina, which as I had expected was groomed in…a Brazilian style, with a narrow runway strip of pubic hair covering her pussy lips and clitoris.

The Brazilian makes for a fantastic sight. Her light tan speaks of frequent visits to sunny climes that involved topless sunbathing. She’s doing that sexy biting of the bottom lip that makes my cock twitch. Her breasts are exquisite, large and sporting brown-pink nipples that are almost totally erect. Her chest is a little flushed, so she’s very turned-on. Her eyes invite me to do as I please.

I maintain that being a good lover is actually quite simple: all you need to do is pay attention. Nowadays, courtesy of my dating adventures, I also think that simply asking your lover what they would like is not the worst idea. I also get a kick out hearing a woman express her sexual desires; it’s a turn-on for me to hear a woman tell me what she wants. It’s almost always been a surprise to learn what a new lover likes and I’m learning that it’s almost always totally unpredictable.

As I undress myself, I get the naughty talk going.

“Play with yourself for me. Then tell me what you want me to do to you,” I say.

I’ve never been so blunt with a woman in such a moment before. This could be a turn-off I realize as I utter my words. The Brazilian licks a few fingers and starts rubbing her clit. Hmm, nice and obedient. I like that.

“You can do whatever you want with me,” she says with a daring look in her eyes.

That makes my cock harden even more. I’m almost totally naked now. Some women get a kick out of watching a man undress in front of them. Does she?

“Do you have any special request?” I ask. There’s always one thing in particular that a woman likes.

“Hmm, you might find out out that I like something else too,” she hints.

As I clamber onto the bed, moving slowly towards her on my hands and knees in a panther-like crawl, my mind starts racing. I wasn’t too sure what she meant, but my best guess is that she means anal sex. I decide to find out.

“Do you like having things in your arse?” I venture, knowing that this could backfire horribly, but going with the mood of the moment.

“Yes,” The Brazilian wheezes.

“Do you like having fingers in your arse?” I ask, trying to sound unperturbed as I edge closer towards her.


“Do you like having a cock in your arse?” I’m now on my elbows, her pussy close to my face. I’m going to lick her and she knows it.

“Oh, yes.”

“Do you like being fucked in the arse?”

“Yes,” she says, letting out a big breath, now rubbing her clit furiously.

“Do you want me to fuck you in the arse?”


I’m not too surprised to hear this. I have heard and read that Brazilian women enjoy anal sex more than any other nationality. If it hadn’t been for my anal sex experiences with Tech Titan and Krazy Girl, I would probably have been horrified, but nowadays my horizons are broader…broader than a gaping, gasping little arsehole filled with hot, sticky cum.

I say no more and start running my tongue up and down her slippery slit. She takes her hand away and returns it to next to her head. She closes her eyes, giving herself over to pleasure.

Damn, she’s a horny, sensual little thing who’s into anal sex. I didn’t see that coming. The image she projects is that of a prudish, slightly geeky, librarian next door, but in private she wants to be fucked in the arse. What goes on in her head? Maybe I’m so behind the times and don’t know that anal is mainstream for women nowadays? Stop over-thinking; get on with it!

Within a minute I’m fingering her g-spot to anguished approval, licking her clit and tweaking a nipple with my other hand. The Brazilian is keeping her eyes closed and still biting her lower lip. It isn’t long before she’s writhing uncontrollably and my fingers need co-ordinating to keep doing whatever is making her body react like this. She’s not making a sound and is seemingly deliberately holding her breath. Her body shudders twice and I think she’s just had her first orgasm, but she’s totally silent about it. Did she or didn’t she? I’m not sure.

Like a zombie in a horror movie, her eyes spring open, she frees herself from my fingers and tongue, quickly crawls onto her knees and pushes me over onto my back. Wow, where do these sudden bouts of explosive energy come from?

I know what this little sex kitten wants now, so I send my feet pointing to opposite corners at the foot of the bed. The Brazilian latches her mouth onto the top of my largely-erect cock, not bothering to pull the foreskin back while at the same time she makes herself comfortable between my legs. Her head is bouncing around on my erection and she’s constantly changing direction and angle as she feverishly goes down on me. This is impressive cock-sucking; such enthusiasm. She’s in a cocknotic state.

She slowly pulls down on my shaft and takes with it my foreskin. Still with her eyes closed she licks all around my bell-end, sliding her tongue around, over and under every contour, as if it was the creamiest ice-cream on a hot Summer’s day. Her tongue eagerly slides up and down every side of my shaft.

I realize that she’s lubricating my penis. I don’t think it’s necessary given how juicy she was a minute ago. I’m nearly fully erect and wonder if she really wants my cock in her arse. Now that she has an idea of the size of it, has she changed her mind?

“Is that cock big enough for you?” I ask coyly.

“It’ll do,” she says laughing, looking up momentarily, then biting her bottom lip and forcing herself down onto my cock again.

Wait, did I see correctly in that instant? I need to check. I need a ruse to make her look up at me again.

“You’re a good little cock-sucker,” I say and it has the desired effect. She looks up at me again for a second before continuing to suck on me.

Yes, I saw right! Her one eye has gone squint! It’s pointing towards her nose; her one sky-blue iris is almost touching the corner of her eye! Sucking my cock has made her go squint.

Let’s call that ‘cock-eyed’, shall we?

Yeah, sucking my cock has turned her into the cock-eyed Brazilian. I like that one; it’s one for the memory bank.

Aaw, look, she’s struggling to get her mouth around my cock now. Most women struggle and give up after a while once the novelty has worn off, but this little cock-eyed Brazilian is determined to keep sucking away on it.

To Be Continued…

Travel Gal tail

Travel Gal better give the best blowjob known to mankind. That’s what is going through my head as I slowly make my way to Travel Gal on this January night. Driving through unfamiliar country roads of endless twists and turns in the dark during a raging storm is not my idea of fun. I don’t want to drive one-way for 2 hours only to not get a blowjob. If she refuses to go down on me, she just has to go. There are a few sensation in life that I love: the taste of milk chocolate hobnobs, tiramisu, cheesy doritos, a meat feast pizza, a cold cider…and a blowjob. No blow, she go. Simples.

I eventually find her home which is part of a series of stone cottages in the middle of nowhere next to a pub. I use the knocker on her door and her dog inside goes ballistic. Good guard doggy. Please don’t bite me. I wonder if Travel Gal will? I’m holding a bottle of wine in my hand, leaving my dirty weekend bag in my car. If I arrived holding that it might seem presumptuous, although from our last conversation the other night I got the impression that I’d be spending the night. I decide that discretion is the better part of valour.

Travel Gal greets me warmly and gives me a kiss on the lips; quite a welcome. Doggy recognizes me and his tail starts swatting furniture. I present the wine and she disappears into the kitchen with it. Her home is cosy, a stereotypical English cottage like the one in The Holiday. Hmm, is she going to be my Cameron Diaz?

“I haven’t prepared a dinner because there’s a pub I’d like to take you to,” she says.

“Oh, perchance the one next door?” I ask, trying not to sound like a smartass.

“No, the one we’re going to is a little drive away in the next village,” she says pouring fresh water for the dog then putting her leather coat on.

“The one next door no good then?” I ask, wondering if it’s a horrible dive. She’s quite classy, so will naturally avoid places like that.

“No, it’s my local and it’s good. I just don’t want people seeing us together in there just yet,” she says opening the door and ushering me out.

I’m not too sure what to make of that and just smile mawkishly to preserve the peace. Without a word I get into the passenger seat of her car which smells like soggy doggy. It seems like she has this all planned. This night is going to be interesting.

Travel Gal drives at breakneck speed through blackened lanes of murky ink that are obviously familiar to her. This reminds me of Pretty Teacher’s driving habits. I resist the urge to turn into a driving instructor. Must preserve the peace if I want my knob polished. I wonder if she swallows?

The quaint pub we end up in is deserted, so we have privacy by the cartload out here. The staff have different English accents, I’m so far from home. The food is surprisingly good, the wine suitable and the conversation sparkling. Travel Gal and I have no problem keeping each other intellectually stimulated, challenged and amused. All through our banter I’m treating our words as foreplay because I know that a woman’s mind needs to be turned on before her body is. I’m as subtle as can be, lacing witticisms with double entendres.

Yes, my highest priority for this encounter is sex. I’m incredibly curious about what happened on our last date which led to her being satisfied a few times but left me befuddled. Does she have an aversion to penises? Are we sexually compatible? These two things I have to know. Of course I want to get to know her better as a person, finding out what makes her tick, seeing if we have relationship potential, but those are secondary in my mind. Will the evening be ending with a long drive back home for me, or am I sleeping on the sofa with the dog’s farts for company? Or is something entirely unexpected going to happen?

Back at her place she sets about her evening routine of seeing to the dog and securing her home. I don’t know what to do with myself so I go upstairs to investigate the bedroom arrangements. We’ve not said a word about if I’d be spending the night but that has been implied, well at least I think it’s been.

The bedroom is something that Beatrix Potter would approve of. Old wooden furniture is in daily use, the bedding and curtains are chintzy. The bed is of the four-poster type of a good height. If I take her from behind then she can hold onto a corner post. I’ve always thought that that’s what those were for.

Travel Gal joins me in the bedroom having brushed her teeth. I’m not 100% sure what to do next, but I know that it’s up to me to initiate what I think she’s expecting. Have I done enough to get her in the mood? Shit, if I get this wrong it’s going to backfire horribly and I’m going to make a fool of myself and be overcome with embarrassment, but I have no choice but to go for it.

I gently pull Travel Gal to me and we begin to kiss. In what must have resembled a scene from The Flash, a flurry of frenetic activity sees clothes go flying around the room. One thing is definite: she fancies me.

Within a minute we’re both naked and she’s lying on her back on the four-poster double bed that dominates the room. I’m going down on her and, for an older woman who told me that she’s been through menopause, she has no problem getting juicy. Travel Gal must be healthy because there’s no funny smell to her natural lubricant; I’ve always appreciated that in a woman.

I introduce a finger to the mix and it finds her g-spot.

“I read up about the g-spot,” she says.

“Oh, really?” Should I stop what I’m doing? Is that her innuendo? I lift my head.

“Yes, I don’t think I’m a g-spot girl. I’m very much a clitoris girl,” she says matter-of-factly.

“Okay, noted,” I respond, releasing her g-spot.

“Stroke my clit gently up and down, not sideways,” she instructs.

That’s what I’m liking about older women: they know what they like and aren’t afraid to ask for it.

Did The Graduate get this degree of instruction from Mrs Robinson? Every woman has her own style or requirement. I’m learning that no two women are the same in bed. The single best thing a man can do in bed with a woman is to pay attention to her needs and preferences. If he doesn’t, a clock somewhere starts ticking. Naturally that works both ways.

I do as instructed and it doesn’t take long before she cums with a suppressed scream…and that sit-ups-like position with her hands behind her head, elbows almost touching so as to hide her face. What the hell is that about? I won’t ask. Okay, I’m going to, just not tonight.

Cuddling with a woman after I’ve made her cum is one of life’s sweet moments for me. That raw vulnerability mixed with trust makes me feel alive, valued and manly. I caress her as she lies against me. Her skin is like velvet and I like stroking her. She likes it too. Most women like to be stroked and not just between the legs.

Travel Gal pushes herself away from me. Going to the loo I suspect. I’m wrong. She starts kissing my face, my throat and shoulders. God, her lips feel wonderful. She’s taking her time about it; I love it when a woman does that. Wait a sec, I didn’t tell her that this is what I like! How does she know?! She doesn’t; it’s what she wants to do.

Oh lordy, have I found someone sexually compatible in Travel Gal? Could I finally get this lucky? After all these months of disappointments, false starts and lies, am I finally being rewarded?

Travel Gal is kissing the inside of my thighs and is working her way up to my groin. Her hair falls playfully onto my skin and that heightens what I’m feeling…heavenly. All my troubles, worries and responsibilities gently fade away as I feel her lips making their inexorable way to my genitals.

I love that feeling of anticipation that builds as a woman’s mouth is heading for my cock. The physical pleasure is obvious, but with me it also comes with a sense of giving that I appreciate. This woman is giving me pleasure, giving me wondrous sensations, giving me what I want and, to an extent, what I need.

Her tongue is warm and slippery as it glides slowly over my testicles. I’m so glad I manscaped down there this morning. The itching next week will be worth it.

Sensually she sucks one testicle into her mouth, swirls her tongue around it…wait, where’d she learn that?!…no woman’s ever done that before!…shut up, lie back and enjoy it, you dumbass. She does the same with my other testicle.

Oh yeah, now we’re getting to the main event. She’s gripped my cock, is holding it upright in front of her face and has begun tenderly licking the shaft like it’s a giant ice cream. Not long now until she’s sucking on the head of my penis. All eight thousand of my nerve endings collected there will be jangling in her mouth and I’m going to enjoy every second of it. Yes, almost there, any second now, all that life-reinforcing warm wonderfullness around my knob…

“Right, that’s enough of that,” Travel Gal suddenly says, letting go of my cock and it flops onto my belly like a dead fish.

What the fuck?!!!


To be continued…

Travel Gal surprises – Final part

It takes less than thirty seconds for Travel Gal to be lying on my sofa, her jeans and panties thrown to one side and I’m licking her clit. Her jumper I tossed aside and it landed near the dog which made him open his eyes and wriggle his eyebrows before resuming his slumber. Her blouse is unbuttoned and open, her bra is pushed up under chin. Travel Gal’s breasts are surprisingly large, as are her brown nipples. She’s put her hands behind her head, as if she’s about to do some sit-ups while her eyes are closed. Her minge is neatly trimmed in a Brazilian style so it’s easy for me to get to her clit with my tongue. Her pussy is moist as I slide a finger in there.

Good gracious, her pussy is cavernous. I can easily fit two fingers in. Has she been fucked recently? Did she have some fun on her business trip? Is she seeing someone else? Is she safe to fuck without a condom? These are the thoughts that race through my head as I slide a second finger into her vagina. I can easily cross these fingers inside this pussy, it’s that spacious.

With my fingers crossed as in the hoping for luck gesture I swivel them around in her while I lick and suck her clit. Her g-spot swells and with a bit of help from my fingers there she cums with an almighty squeal which makes the dog almost bump his head on the underneath of the table. Her wonderful breasts wobble like mounds of jelly as she shudders from the climax which lasts for almost ten seconds. Hmm, maybe she hasn’t been fucked lately. That orgasm has been stored up for quite some time.

I let go of everything and cuddle up beside her. Women’s clits become too sensitive to touch after an orgasm and many women feel a bit vulnerable so they feel the need for a cuddle. I’ve never been sure about what to say in this moment so I always just keep quiet and let the woman enjoy the moment.

“Wow, that was incredible. Where did you learn to do that? Wait, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know,” she finally says.

While her motor is still running is the time to get a woman to do what I want; that’s something else I’ve learned. I stand up in front of her, an unspoken invitation for her to undress me. She gets me hint and sits up on the sofa to start stripping me. As she does so I take the opportunity to grab hold of one of her breasts which feels perfect to the touch. They rival Krazy Girl’s boobs in the perfection stakes and I’m mindful of the fact that Travel Gal is almost fifteen years older. Age does not prohibit sexiness.

“You’ve kept these well hidden,” I say.

“I’ve learned to. I don’t like people staring at them. Some women can be very jealous,” she replies as she unbuckles my belt and drops my jeans to the ground.

Now I’m standing in just my underpants and socks. I’m expecting her to tell me to take my socks off before she drops my jocks and starts playing with my cock. I’m sporting a massive erection now and the tip of my penis is sticking out of the top of my undies. Surely she can see how big it is and now wants to see it and play with it? How will she look with my cock in her mouth? Does she know how to give a decent blowjob? I bet she does.

Travel Gal runs her hands up and down my body, feeling my muscles, slowly working her way down to my waist. Ah, she’s taking her time about it; she likes to build the anticipation. Oh, here we go, she’s just put her hands on my underpants. My cock is going to spring free. What will her reaction be? Will she stop for a second to have a good look at it, like so many other women have? Will she pull the foreskin back and lick the tip first, like most women have done? Or will she just close her eyes and take it in her mouth, first sucking slowly before building to a frenzy?

“No, he can stay right there,” she says, patting my hips before pushing herself back onto the sofa.

What the fuck?! What the hell’s going on here? No woman has refused to pull my cock out before. I don’t understand what’s happening, but I’m not going to say anything. Maybe she’s now feeling guilty and remorseful about what has just happened between us and is trying to reclaim some dignity. If that’s the case then I need to slow things down before speeding them up again. I’m turned on and want to cum too. Maybe she needs more coaxing of the orgasmic kind?

I reach down and grip her heels, pull her legs up towards me and splay her legs open on the footstool in front of the sofa. Again I get down to give her some finger-licking that a fast food chain didn’t think of when they came up with their slogan. Again it doesn’t take too long before she has a squealing orgasm. I was expecting it to take much longer, but as my first time with Tech Titan and some other women has taught me, if a woman hasn’t had it in a while then when it can cum out, it does so in a flood.

I am intrigued by her sit-ups-ready pose, as if she’s also trying to hide her face. Is she one of those people who finds sex shameful, a by-product of an overly-religious upbringing? She keeps her eyes closed the whole time, as if she’s in denial. I find myself wondering if I have another Teacher Gal on my hands (literally) who has issues about sex?

Once again I cuddle with her before standing up in front of her, now almost demanding my own satisfaction. I’m getting a little frustrated and impatient. My balls are on fire. My baby-batter wants to breathe.

“Don’t you want to play with him?” I ask, pointing to my penis, thinking she needs a little help getting over the line.

“No, not today,” she answers.

In less than a second my rock-hard erection goes limp and flaccid. What…The…Fuck?!

Okay, this is new. I decide to relax. I can’t force her to do something that she doesn’t want to do. I lie down next to her, trying my hardest to hide my displeasure. What kind of woman lets a man get all turned on and then spurns him?

Just then I notice that her dog is looking as us; his face serious. Her last climax must have woken him. His eyes dart from me to her. Is he annoyed about being woken up? Does he think I’m attacking her and her needs to defend her? Does he want to join in?

“Have you ever let him lick your pussy?” I ask her.

To this day I do not know where that question came from.

“No. I’ve never even done it in front of him,” she says.

Her tone of voice must soothe him as the dog drops his jaw to the floor, puffs his cheeks once and goes back to sleep. I notice that he’s been shedding a lot of his black hair on my cream carpet. That’s going to take some time to clean up.

Travel Gal and I lie wrapped up under a throw, watching more Californication. The worlds’ greatest marital aid prevents me from saying something I might regret. I sit there trying to figure out what her issue is. I don’t want to seem clingy and insecure, so I decide not to ask. There’s no rush after all. I wasn’t wanting things to be like this today anyway, but here we are. Just have to make the best of it.

A couple of hours go by before even I think it’s time she head back to her part of the country. It’s no surprise to me when she says, “I have to work tomorrow, so I need to get going, I’m afraid.”

“No problem. I understand,” is the best I can say. I wasn’t expecting her to spend the night.

“Thank you for everything. Next weekend at mine?” she proffers.

“Yes, it’s a plan,” I instantly say, without thinking.

Travel Gal gets dressed, wakes the dog and I help her put the leather coat on. I walk her to her car and we enjoy a sweet, lingering kiss before she and her faithful companion disappear into the dark of the world.

Why did that just happen? I’ve heard it said that Xmas and New Year’s makes people do things that they ordinarily wouldn’t. I don’t think that that’s the case here. I’m in a particular frame of mind that some might call confused and others desperate. I call it ‘transition’. Maybe she is too? Whatever she’s thinking and feeling I want to find out.

Dan Fogelberg – Same Old Lang Syne

Urgent sex

I know she won’t be on the scene for long so I have a small window of opportunity to do as I please with her. I especially want to get video footage of me fucking her in the arse; images to complement my memories of our only anal encounter. Pretty Teacher’s bewildering attitude on our last date has left me in a tailspin where she is concerned. It feels like we’ve hit an invisible wall, so indulging in the best sex I’ve ever known is relatively guilt-free, a bit like a diet cola.

At 9am Krazy Girl is at my front door. She is very well dressed, wearing heavy make-up, as if she is going to a job interview. Is that the lie she told her parents so that she can use her father’s car so early in the morning? Probably, but it doesn’t matter, because she is here to get her holes drilled by my cock and I’m looking forward to obliging her. She is still the best fuck of my life, so I know it’s going to be good.

We greet politely, but no kiss. She comes inside as if she belongs in my home, takes her jacket off and goes to my hallway cupboard where my Winter gear is kept. She remembers well and in a very familiar fashion, as if she has done it countless times, hangs her jacket up. As she does this I’m looking at her body, noticing that she seems to have put some weight on. Her tits are going to be even bigger than before, more than an e-cup now, I think to myself. I know not to get into a serious conversation with her because all I’ll get in return is emotional vomit.

Krazy Girl starts saying something trivial as I step forward to give her one of my slow, gentle kisses that make her knees go weak and her pussy get wet. I cup her face with my hands and keep my lips on hers, as gently as I can, teasing with them, waiting for her to start using her tongue which I know is the signal that she is getting turned on.

She really is horny because it is only a matter of seconds before her slippery little tongue is in my mouth, searching for my tongue. I feel her body rise as she stands on the tips of her toes, our tongues entwining, her breathing growing faster, faster than my cock is hardening. I had almost forgotten how our kissing turned even me on, almost as much as it did her. It’s rare for kisses to have that effect on me.

I drop my hands from her face and slide them down her body, being careful not to touch her breasts. As much as she likes me playing with them, I wanted to build the anticipation in her body, even in excess of what is obvioulsy already there. She can’t have been fucked in a while, given the noises she is letting off, but I have no doubt that a horny little slut like her has been with at least one other guy after me, if not more. She needs sex more than I do; I’ve never met a woman with a sex-drive like hers.

Perhaps since me she has taken on two or more cocks at once – taking a ‘dp’ (double penetration), one cock in her pussy and another in her arse at the same time. Perhaps she had been ‘airtight’ – a ‘dp’ with a third cock in her mouth. I could just see her saying “naughty”, her code word for enjoyment, as all three cocks started cumming in all her holes at the same time. Yes, she’d enjoy that, feeling hot cum in her mouth, pussy and arse at the same time, as it started to drip out, especially out of her gaping arse. The arse that I already had once before the pleasure of fucking until she couldn’t take it any more.

Her innocent Good-Girl routine doesn’t impress me any more, I know what she’s about. I’m not labouring under any illusion that this is the start of a new romantic liaison between us; this is just sex. Frenetic, impulsive, unfettered, urgent sex. That’s all she wants and that’s all she has to offer. In her current emotional state it’s all she’s good for.

In the blink of an eye we’re in my lounge. Krazy Girl is on her haunches, her back is resting against the rear of my sofa and my cock is in her mouth. I’ve never seen a woman get my cock out and start sucking on it so quickly. Has she been thinking about this moment?

“Have you missed my cock?” I ask.

“Yes, and this time I’m not trading him in,” she says before swallowing as much of my cock as her mouth can take.

That remark confirms to me that earlier in the year, when we had first met, there was another man on the scene and she chose to run with him. The truth always comes out, usually at the worst opportune time and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. Krazy Girl is such a fool, but for the next little while, she’s my fool.

“Lie on the sofa,” she instructs.

It’s not normal in my world for a woman to take the lead in the proverbial bedroom, but with Krazy Girl I don’t mind because I’m keen and curious to know what she has planned. For a woman ten years my junior she has skills, skills that I don’t want to think about how and where she got them.

I do as I’m told while Krazy Girl stands in front me, undressing herself with an almost evil look on her face. A disturbingly demonic look in her eyes makes me wonder what she’s thinking. She strips down to a sultry black bra and panties with suspenders holding her black pantihose just above the knee. She looks stunning. She is easily the most sensual, desirable woman I have ever seen in the flesh. Yes, she’s carrying a bit more weight than six months ago when I last fucked her, but she’s still totally sexy!

“Wait, I want to film this,” I say, beginning to get up, my cock flopping out of my trousers.

“No, we’re not doing anything like that! You just lie back!” she barks.

I’m not about to get into an argument when I have all this on offer. I know what’s good for me, so I lie back. I have to forget about videoing anything; my memory will have to suffice.

Krazy Girl pulls her panties aside as she straddles me, slowly lowering her pussy onto my cock that she expertly grabs. She’s still got that strange look in her eyes, as if this is the most important thing she has ever done. Her pussy is gloriously warm and wet as she slides onto my dick. She lets off a satisfied gasp and throws her head back. Krazy Girl closes her eyes, swallows hard, then raises her head and looks me in the eye again. Slowly she starts lifting and lowering herself onto my cock, biting her lower lip painfully as she does so.

We don’t talk because we don’t need to; our bodies are doing the talking. I decide to let my fingers do the walking, so I reach up and pull her bra straps down onto her puny biceps. I let them dangle there for a moment as I take in the sight that is Krazy Girl enthralled on my cock. She was dickmatized: only interested in what my cock could do for her. Anything I said or did would be irrelevant or irritating. All she wants is my cock. It’s as simple as that.

I reach up and pull her bra-cups down, letting her perfect breasts tumble out. Cupping them with my warm hands makes Krazy Girl let off an approving sound. It is chilly November and I am unusually warm-blooded; several women have enjoyed sleeping next to me…so that they can defrost their feet.

Krazy girl starts speeding up her motion and lowers herself totally onto my crotch area. I’m still fully dressed, how is my belt and zipper not hurting her? Maybe they are and she likes it? She does have a pleasure-pain thing going on in that mixed up head of hers. She grinds her pussy down onto me, letting my cock fill her up. Again she closes her eyes in satisfaction.

A little over a week ago Pretty Teacher and I were fucking on this fabric sofa. I haven’t had a chance to wash the covers yet. Will Krazy Girl notice any hint of my cum and another woman’s pussy juices? I surreptitiously start scanning for stains on the material. What if she notices some? Is there a smell?

“Take me on the floor,” she suddenly says, getting up off me.

I have a mixed feeling of relief from the stains now becoming a non-issue while at the same time experiencing a sense of deja vu. The very first time Krazy Girl and I got intimate involved us doing it on the floor. I’m not going to quibble. Carpet burns is a small price to pay for the best lay ever.

In a split second I quickly undress and we’re on the floor making the beast with two backs. What is it about women loving having me on top of them? They must like how it feels. In Krazy Girl’s case I think it’s the yin-yang of domination followed by submission. She wants to feel all powerful at first, but then secretly wants to be overpowered. I wonder if she has rape fantasies? I’ll ask some other time, if there ever is one.

There is no better way to put this: our bodies were made for each other. She feels perfect. She looks perfect. Such a damn shame that she’s all messed up in the head and heart. We could have been so good together. I don’t think there’s enough time to fix what might never be fixable. Lusty Lass is still prattling on about her divorce five years after the fact, but her ex-husband was nowhere near as much a mean bastard as Krazy Girl’s was. Her damage might be lasting the rest of her life.

I can feel that I’m getting closer to cumming; it’s way too soon. I pull out of her and start playing with her clit and g-spot. Her eyes are wide in disbelief at what I’m making her feel. Her pussy is tight and I surmise that she hasn’t been fucked in a while. Fuckit, I have to know and I don’t care if she gets upset. I’m not counting on seeing her again after today.

“When last did you have a cock in you?” I ask.

“I saw someone briefly in July,” she answers instantly.

I don’t believe her. She likes sex too much. There’s no way she can go months without it. That’s when it dawns on me that I’m in danger again by fucking her without a condom. One of these days I’m going to pay the price for that.

Krazy Girl starts to writhe and squirm on my lounge floor. Her g-spot has swollen and her pussy is a fountain of lubricating juices. She’s getting closer to cumming. I keep making that ‘come hither’ motion with my finger on her g-spot while running two fingers up and down either side of her clitoris with my other hand. The latter move is, as I discovered earlier in the year, what slowly sends her over the edge.

There’s a series of squelching sounds before ‘squirt-squirt-squirt’ as she ejaculates into the palm of my hand that is fingering her g-spot. She lets off a mixture of a screaming orgasm, a shocked gasp and a sound of embarrassment. I’ve never had a woman have a strong squirting orgasm like that before…and it’s fabulous.

I go wash my hands in the bathroom and return to her. Krazy Girl is still sprawled on the floor, in a daze of sorts. She looks lovely lying there like that, all feminine and vulnerable..and totally fuckable. I bend over, slide my arms under her and pick her up. She instinctively throws her arms around my neck and shoulders, just like Delicate Flower did when I bedded her.

I’m getting too old for carpet burns and cleaning semen off my rugs; to the bedroom I take her. Lying on top of her, my cock buried deep in her pussy, pressing against her cervix, feels like where I belong. I do as Mother Nature intended and, I must confess, I don’t give a damn what Krazy Girl is thinking or feeling. I can’t allow myself the dangerous luxury of becoming emotionally connected to her. I’ve been down that road with her and it’s the Highway to Emotional Hell. I try to learn from my mistakes, after all, they are lessons in disguise. There really is no need to pay twice unless you like the learning part so much.

It doesn’t take too long before I have to cum. I manage to pull out just in time and feed my cock to Krazy Girl who happily swallows my load. She has never shown any resistance to swallowing my cum and I think she might even look forward to it. Does it make her feel used and powerless? Is this act an emotional release for her?

We lie cuddling without speaking for what feels like a blissful eternity before she gets up and goes to the bathroom, grabbing her handbag left in the hallway. She returns a few minutes later, all dressed with her smudged make-up rectified. Only then do I realize that it is approaching noon. Fucking time flies by.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve got to dash,” she says.

“If you wait a minute I’ll get dressed and walk you to your car,” I say.

“No, there’s no need. I know my way out,” she replies and leaves, pulling the front door closed behind her.

As quickly as she had arrived, devoid of pleasantries or chit-chat, she departed.

I don’t expect to hear from her again…unless her need is urgent.

Foreigner – Urgent

Second date shenanigans

We kissed wonderfully for a few minutes outside her apartment before saying goodnight. It had been a marathon first date, almost half a day and I wasn’t expecting to be invited into her home. I think we both knew the potential for danger if that happened. Then an idea came to me, a desperate one in a critical light, a romantic one in another.

“I don’t suppose you’d like to come to my place tomorrow? There’s a farmer’s market on and we can buy stuff, then I’ll cook for you,” I ask.

I know it’s only our first date, but I had a good time and I have a good feeling about her. Every other woman I’ve suggested cooking for has jumped at the offer. If she’s not into me then she’ll make an excuse, but if she does…

“I’d love that!” she gushes.

It’s now approaching eleven o’clock in the morning and Pretty Teacher is about to arrive at my apartment complex. I’m excited like a little boy on Christmas Eve. Could this be who I’ve been waiting for?

I hear a car screech to a stop outside and from her driving yesterday, I just know that it’s Pretty Teacher. I go down to meet her and we kiss each other hello politely. Her eyes are blazing at me and I take a moment to take in the sight that is her; she’s gorgeous. I usher her towards the town centre where a street has been cordoned off and all sorts of fresh fruit, vegetables and meats are being sold by genuine farmers. It’s a convivial spectacle that can please even the most moribund of heart. I’ve learned that a positive, lively setting for a date sets a good tone for the date to progress from.

We walk around the market, taking in the sights, sounds and smells before buying fresh vegetables and meats that I cook once we get back to my place. While I’m in the kitchen I hear her phone burp and I sneak a peek of her in action, playing online scrabble with friends, no doubt. Even while we eat lunch she just has to grab her phone and with a slight tilt of my head I can see that it’s scrabble she’s playing. At some point I’m going to have to have a word with her about this because it’s just gone from a nuisance to disrespectful.

Pretty Teacher’s demeanour towards me hasn’t changed since she first saw my home, so I guess unlike some women she is not adversely affected by it. That’s a major test passed, so she must be interested in me. Then again, I haven’t seen her place yet.

I introduce her to Californication which she is enthralled by. She definitely has a naughty side to her. I’ve now lost count of the number of women who have sit by my side and watched this with me, those same first few episodes which often led to some fucking on the sofa. I have no intention of seducing Pretty Teacher today; I want us to take our time about it and for our first time to be magical.

The afternoon fades into evening while we chortle at outrageous scenes in Californication. I make us an impromptu dinner and I muse to myself that it feels like this is another marathon date. It feels like she doesn’t want to go home. After dinner we lie slouched on the sofa, her with phone in hand, playing scrabble again. I’m now a little annoyed by this behaviour, her phone addiction, but try to make it known in a nice way.

“Any chance I can see what tears you away from me so frequently?” I ask with a smile. You can get away with a lot if you smile.

Pretty Teacher doesn’t flinch, seemingly oblivious to my hint and instead just shows me her phone. I see what’s going on on the screen and I spot something, a word I can suggest from the tiles she has available, but it’s a naughty one. Should I? What the hell.

“Naked,” I blurt out.

Pretty Teacher looks at the screen, nods, then smiles at me.

“Would you like to get naked?” I ask playfully, not being serious.

The look in her eye tells me that she’s taking me seriously. Her mischievous smile tells me she’d like that.

Shit, I wasn’t expecting this. Should we? I think it’s too soon. Now I’ve opened a Pandora’s Box with this stupid suggestion. If I don’t try to seduce her now she’ll think all sorts of negative things, such as I don’t fancy her or I’m not man enough for her. I have to follow through now. The time for words is over.

I’ll give her something to be ad-dick-ted to…

I gently take the phone out of her hand and place it on a side-table. Her eyes go wide, but she isn’t alarmed. I think she wants this, that’s why she hasn’t shown any sign of wanting to leave. We start kissing, slowly and I realize that this is the first time we have kissed since last night. I take my time kissing her because I’ve learned that doing so certainly gets a woman’s sexual motor running. There’s something about kissing that turns women on, but for me it does very little. All that it does is buy me time to think about what to do next.

Piece by piece I undress her while sporadically kissing her. It isn’t long before she’s naked on my sofa while I’m still fully clothed; just the way I like it. She has a perfect skin, very little body fat, but her breasts are a little small for my liking: distinctly a-cups. You can’t have it all and it’s not a show-stopper.

I kiss around her neck and throat which causes her to let off sounds of approval. Yes, she wants this. I wonder how long it’s been since she last fucked? Is she safe to fuck or do I have to use a condom? I hate those body-bags for my cock. I have some time to decide yet.

My lips work their way down her body, arriving at her legs. Pretty Teacher’s eyes are following my every move while her mouth hangs slightly open, letting off occasional breaths of air as my lips touch somewhere sensitive. I take my time as I kiss the inside of one leg and I can hear her breathing speeding up. She’s hoping I eat her out, no doubt. I’ll make her wait; that builds anticipation.

I have definitely caught Pretty Teacher by surprise with us doing this now. She hasn’t had a chance to go to the bathroom to ‘freshen up’ , that moment in a movie that I wasn’t always sure what a woman was doing but now know involved making her genitals smell and taste clean. Pretty Teacher has the hairiest bush that I’ve seen in a long time. Most women keep their lady garden better trimmed than her. Her minge is a very light brown…and it reeks of urine. I look at it momentarily, unsure about what to do because of the bad smell, then Pretty Teacher spreads her legs as wide as she can, inviting me to go down on her.

I swallow hard and do what is required, all in the interests of fairness and wanting to avoid an unnecessary altercation. After a couple of seconds my saliva has diluted the taste of urine that coats her fur, but the smell just won’t go away. No amount of licking and spitting made that smell vanish.

In an act of optimism I start fingering her tight pussy in the hope that her own juices would lend a new aroma to proceedings. After a couple of minutes of furious fingering her lubricant is starting to overwhelm the smell of piss. I find her g-spot and that opens a little floodgate somewhere because she becomes very juicy.

I look up at her to see that she has her hands raised next to her head, wrists pointed at me, her body limp except for the waist region. Her perfect blue eyes stare at me in astonishment. It’s a look I’m becoming familiar with and it’s when a woman has her g-spot stimulated for the first time. I don’t even need to ask any more, I just know. If I make her cum with her g-spot then she’s going to be addicted to me.

To be continued…